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Visit 5th - Business Info about Germany

Ministery of Education - Israel
Trouvez Tout - Canada
Blue - Germany


Philo Freight World Directory, the leader freight forwarders directory
Philo Freight - Worldwide


Universities / Educational Sites    

Index Sites    

Personal Sites - Austria

International Law Enforcement Educators - USA - USA - France
Ynet - Israel
MiPolonia - Poland/USA x
Pfitzer - Portugal
Embassy of Mexico - South Korea x
Lilie Mae Beers - USA
Soznam - Slovakia x
Fahrenkrog - Germany
Marquise Events - France news and links for Journalists

Netty Leistra from the Netherlands
Netty Leistra's pages on European Royalty (with links to our section of Telecom Inventors)

Big - a great selection of interesting Websites

Vach and Cow   ....  12 rue de la Ferronnerie   75001 Paris/France
Vache and ... the World's most unusual Boutique about Cows in the center of Paris

Made in Spain  by Tienda a great Shop about typival Products from Spain

Cyndi Howells Genealogy Pages

US Department of Commerce

Internet Lessons in German by Bernd Zimmermann a great shop for Mountain climbers x

Interesting WWW Sites
Interesting WWW Sites by Dr Nikolai N. Kostyukovich
National Academy of Science Belarus