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Amazon Pop Up Store Expo @ Cremerie de Paris / VB
home of the Phone Book of the World

Flashback on the first physical Amazon Store in Paris
It opened at several Cremeries de Paris, home of the Phone Book of the World.

Louis XIV child in 1649

Cremerie de Paris No1 is located at VB, the historical Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon
once the home of Nicolas de Villeroy (V) teacher
of the youg Boubon King Louis XIV (B) .

Video showing Christmas Lutins
arriving at the Amazon Pop Up Store
at Cremerie de Paris No1.
the Lutins arrive from the Paris Metro Station Chatelet les Halles.

discover the Amazon Expo @ Cremerie de Paris
History of Amazon by

Cremerie de Paris is a place full of history,
since the year 1370 a lot of things have happend
always attracting very creative people to the same spot in the heart of Paris ...

This video shows how the Amazon Pop Up Store was constructed.
The Expo was imagined by Anne Lise Menard,
the event designers Julie Joie, Julie Richard, Mathilde Champion
and the famous decorator Marie Helene Galet.

Villeroys and Bourbons
Little King Louis XIV passed the old gate on the right side of the Pop Up Store
many many times.

Cremerie de Paris was owned by his teacher, Nicolas V de Villeroy.
The little boy loved the children of his teacher
Catherine and Francois de Villeroy.
As an adult Louis XIV constructed the Versailles Palace
and he invited the Villeroy children to live there to be around him.
Louis XIV was also called the Sun King.

This is a 3D visit of Cremerie de Paris No1 empty.
Walking down the staircase you can see the little
Cremerie de Paris Museum with all the major Pop Ups
that took place.

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1671 Cremerie de Paris became a Telecom Company
which has something in common with what Amazon is doing today,
shipping parcels ...

Moving to the Versailles castle the Villeroy family
sold the house to Leon Pajot et Louis Rouille,
two entrepreneurs.
They started a company called La Poste transporting letters and parcels.
At the time there were no cars, no computer, no phones.
They would not have been able to handle all the parcels Amazon sends
around the world today ...

Pajot & Rouille used horses ...

Portail Cremerie de ParisLa Poste Pajot Rouille
Post horses were leaving from the old gate you see in the videos
to carry mail to post relais or postal palaces in cities like
Venice, Rome, Frankurt, Brussels.

Pajot & Rouille had about 900 post relais, so that horses could rest
every 30 miles. They also exchanged mail with
the Thurn & Taxis, another family of postal entrepreneurs.

Spirit of Telecom & of Innovation stayed in our walls ...

1986 Cremerie de Paris -
with the help of Thurn & Taxis. -
started as a Sony Phone Boutique.

1995 Cremerie de Paris turned into the fist Internet Cafe in Paris.
At the time French Hotels were not yet connected,
American travelers were the first to come.

Most visitors were very young
and Cremerie de Paris did not know who they were
or who they were going to become.
Maybe they did not know it themselves ...

In the meantime they have
created world famous brands
that now return to
"their old Cybercafe", Cremerie de Paris No1
to set up Pop Up Store Expos.

1995 was also the year Amazon was invented by Jeff Bezos
Disvover more about the
History of Amazon by CNN

Others were a little older.
One was on the first flight to the moon.
It seams that some Amazon people camy by as well

This is how the Phone Book of the World was invented in 1999
Phone Book of the World history

2:00 min Video showing the Amazon Pop Up Store

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2011 Cremerie de Paris was converted into a Brand Expo Center.
The first brand to arrive was Nike
Amazon was the first brand to take all the Cremeries at the same time ...
The expo was imagined by Julie Joie, Julie Richard and Mathilde Campion.

Amazon contributed to make Cremerie de Paris become
Meeting Place for the World's most famous Brands.

main Amazon Pop Up Store "Home of Christmas" @ Cremerie de Paris No1
On the right side of the Amazon Store you see and old, old gate.

Amazon Pop Up Cafe at Cremerie de Paris No3 (Gladines)
opposit Cremerie de Paris No1
and the old gate gate.

Amazon Kitchen Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris No6
No6 and No7 are located 80 m from No1
on the other side of place Marguerite de Navarre,
rue de la Ferronnerie.

Marguerite de NavarreHenri IV
Marguerite (1553 - 1615) was a writer and a Queen of Navarre.
She was the grandmother of King Henri IV (1553 - 1610),
grandfather of King Louis XIV (1638 - 1715).

They all used to come to the Cremeries
who have a history going back to 1370.
The landscape of place Marguerite de Navarre has changed many times
but the history of the Kingdom of France is still there.

The Belle Epoque Cafe Maison Rouge No7 & No8
is surrounding Cremerie de Paris No6
Some Amazon Christmas Lutins are having a little coffee break.

The cafe in the early moring without a Pop Up event.
Back in 1960 the designer Coco Chanel used to come to the cafe
in the middle of the night when she could not sleep.
As the former Paris Les Halles foodmarked operated during the night
there was always something interesting to see.

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This is a 360 degre video of the Amazon Pop Up Store.

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