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Going to Russia for ideas on how to cover Ukraine — when the first casualty of war is truth: A Moscow newspaper, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and advice on dealing with stress and trauma - The Chatham News + Record

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Retroactive repression Five former team Navalny activists arrested in cities across Russia — Meduza - Meduza

ICF announces 2022 Canoe Super Cup, World Cup to be held in Oklahoma City - City-sentinel

'Z': on Russia's tanks and capturing the public's military mindset - FRANCE 24 English

Nuclear Notebook: How many nuclear weapons does Russia have in 2022? - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

'We Are Fighting Against Evil': Four St. Petersburg Women Face Prison As Russia Intensifies Crackdown On Dissent - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Factory and health care workers strike, protest in Russia and Georgia - WSWS

Barnaul Ammunition: Budget-Friendly Rounds From Russia | An Official Journal Of The NRA - American Rifleman

Pictures of what happened this week: An oil spill contaminates a beach along the Southern California coast; swimming club members in Russia mark President Vladimir Putin’s birthday in a river. - The Washington Post

Memorial Shutdown Seen As Portentous Point Of No Return For Putin's Russia - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Dozens Of Russian Nationalists Stage Anti-Putin March In Siberia - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

'Russian Spy' Maria Butina Is Living the American Dream, in Russia - The Daily Beast

Ukraine Situation Report: Troops Find A Trail Of Russian Massacres As They Reach Belarusian Border - The War Zone

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1,000-Miles-Plus: The World's Longest 50-Seat Regional Jet Flights - Simple Flying

Russia Arrests Multiple People for Holding Up Blank Signs - Newsweek

Siberia -

'I Have Done Everything I Could': Russian Anti-War Protesters Speak Out - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

CBJ sign winger Kirill Marchenko to two-year entry level contract -

'Russia responsible for 58pc of state-backed hacks' – Microsoft -

Who Is Alexander Govor? The Billionaire Who Bought All McDonald's Outlets In Russia -

Russian Ammo Banned for Import - Handguns

Canada to ban Russian oil imports, send anti-tank weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, says Trudeau - CBC News

Meet S-125 Neva – The Deadly Missile That Shot Down US’ First Stealth Fighter Jet & Russia’s Most Powerful Warplane? - EurAsian Times

Hammer and shield: Russia's modernised radar and early warning systems - Jane's

That's show business Russia spends $1.4 million on 'marathon' of pro-war concerts — Meduza - Meduza

These Are The Elite Russian Tank Units Taking Most Of The Casualties In Ukraine Right Now - SOFREP

Red Book's Steller Sea lion rescued from a plastic death trap in Russian Far East - The Siberian Times

Ukraine captures Russia's newest air defense system. Another jackpot for U.S. intelligence? - Interesting Engineering

Russian 'spy' Maria Butina - friendship with Putin, jail in US and gun obsession - The Mirror

Russia FINALLY arrests leaders of REvil hacking group - Daily Mail

Chilling Calls, Legal Action as Russia Seeks to Silence Dissent - Voice of America - VOA News

Alleged Ukrainian Hacker in US Court After Extradition From Poland - SecurityWeek

Siberian centre tattoos falcons to thwart poachers -

Russia in Review, Nov. 24-Dec. 3, 2021 - Russia Matters

In Accused Russian Agent's Hometown: Loving Family, Friends, and a Money Trail - Voice of America - VOA News

The origins and spread of domestic horses from the Western Eurasian steppes -

Snow and Ice Festival Lights Up Moscow Riverside - The Moscow Times

In Sergei Shoigu's warmongering speech is a mention of the Arctic - The Independent Barents Observer

US ‘Decoding’ Russian Hypersonic Missile To Gain Critical Intelligence On Mach 5+ Weapons – Media - EurAsian Times

Fast Named Chiasson Award Winner -

CPI 2021 for Eastern Europe & Central Asia: Democratic hopes in the… - Transparency International

Barnaul's New Subsonic 9 mm Load | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal - Shooting Sports USA

How This Lone Young Medic Above The Arctic Circle Saved An Entire Ship's Crew From COVID-19 - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

As COVID-19 sweeps across Russia, hospitals buckle under the strain - CBC News

These Pro-Putin Performances May Have Less To Do With Patriotism Than Pressure - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Circus trainer gored by deer after trying to make it perform in front of horrified crowd - The Mirror

An Introduction to The AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel Aerial Surveillance Radar Ukraine is Getting From the US - SOFREP

Russia leaves Open Skies Treaty, but on-ground arms inspections continue - The Independent Barents Observer

Neglected and then persecuted The modern history of gender studies in Russia — Meduza - Meduza

What Russian ammo ban? Loophole keeps it on US shelves, splitting gun rights groups - USA TODAY

Russian Helicopters delivers six air medical helicopters - AirMed and Rescue Magazine

Analysis | GOP lawmakers fear China could hack U.S. government computing clouds - The Washington Post

Rearmament of Russian Barnaul missile formation with Yars PGRK to be completed by end 2021 | Defense News March 2021 Global Security army industry - Army Recognition

Russia increases direct flights to Turkish resort cities | Daily Sabah - Daily Sabah

Toys For Democracy: In A Siberian City, Activists Find A Creative Way To Protest - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

'Digital Resistance': Siberian Game Racks Up Political Points - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

The American farmer who makes Russians laugh - Eurasianet

Bouncy castle 'explodes' and flies 25ft into the air, sending young children flying onto tram tracks - Daily Mail

Russian opposition leader Navalny splashed with green liquid in Siberia -

US Small Caliber Ammunition Market Is Booming Worldwide Size, Development Growth Strategies, Product Scope and Forecast by 2026 - Digital Journal

Rustam Minnikhanov: 'Is there money? No? Not at all?' - Realnoe vremya

New Coronavirus Spike Grips Siberia – Reports - The Moscow Times

Alexey Navalny, prominent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was poisoned, doctor insists - ABC News

Russia's Most Famous Cat Politician Announces Presidential Bid - Newsweek

Mail.Ru Calls For Changes To Russian Hate-Speech Legislation - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

First Look: Barnaul Rifle & Pistol Ammunition | An Official Journal Of The NRA - Shooting Illustrated

Cuba win more Barnaul golds in five-star display at Canoe Sprint World Cup -

Russian Teacher Says Hounded Out Of School, Called 'Prostitute' Over Online Photograph - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Another Russian Faces Criminal Probe Over Social-Media Memes - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Kazakhstan Hopes to Expand Network of International Road Corridors to Maintain Transit Potential - Astana Times

Environmentalists celebrate rare win in Siberia, with Kremlin backing - Eurasianet

Russia's Newest Air Defense Systems Has Been Captured in Ukraine - RealClearDefense

Epic storm lashes Barnaul, with crane crashing on to city's main wedding palace - The Siberian Times

Let's talk about Zihi. Because their motto is Best training plan is one you can do - and we dig that attitude - The Daily Skier

Permafrost is ablaze with hundreds of wildfires in world's coldest region - The Siberian Times

In Reporter's Visit to Butina's Home, Russia Continues to Deny Her Ties to State -

Russian Extreme Nationalists Rally Across Country in Midst of Pandemic - Jamestown - The Jamestown Foundation

Siberia votes with rest of Russia for stability and six more years of Vladimir Putin - The Siberian Times

Protesters In Russia's Altai Call For Putin's Resignation - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Cute bear cub captured near Kuril Lake in Russia(1/3) - ecns

Jonathan Steele: 'I came to Russia a political correspondent and left a crime reporter' - The Guardian

Fourth Resident Of Russia's Altai Charged With Social-Media Extremism - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

New Barnaul-T air defense system comes to motorized rifle brigade in Pechenga - The Independent Barents Observer

Andrei Svechnikov shows why he's 'Russia's next big thing' at WJAC - The Hockey News

The memes that might get you jailed in Russia - BBC

Siberian Priest Claims He Shut Down Brothel With 6 Years of Prayer - The Moscow Times

Siberian City Says No Protests By 'Toys Of Foreign Origin' - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

How a Social Media Post in Russia Can Land You in Jail and on a List With Neo-Nazis and ISIS Supporters - Newsweek

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Fact Check: Image of newborn shows Siberian girl, not Indonesian boy - USA TODAY

Young Russians posting memes face jail for 'extremism' - The Guardian

Preview: Barnaul Subsonic 9mm | An Official Journal Of The NRA - American Rifleman

Putin Accuses West of Sparking Protests as Russian Media Broadcast Fake Rallies - Voice of America - VOA News