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Ukrainian Heavy Shelling in Donetsk Kills Five, Dozens Wounded - teleSUR English

Ukraine accepted as EU membership candidate; Biden approves $450 million military aid package - CNBC

June 6, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news - CNN

Ukrainian troops locked in brutal combat for key city as Putin believes time on his side - The Washington Post

Ukraine to withdraw from key city of Severodonetsk as Russia's advance grinds on - CNN

June 14, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news - CNN

Latest Developments in Ukraine: June 28 - Voice of America - VOA News

Captured American fighters purportedly held by Russian-backed separatists in Donetsk - CNN

Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region calls for more weapons to defeat Russia - Yahoo News

Syria to recognize Ukraine's Luhansk and Donetsk regions – KION546 - KION

Three foreign fighters sentenced to death as Russia lashes out - The Washington Post

Sievierodonetsk mayor says Russian forces seize half of city - The Associated Press

Ukraine latest updates: Russians at Severodonetsk industry zone - Al Jazeera English

Russia takes most of Sievierodonetsk city in eastern Ukraine -

Syria to become first to recognize Donetsk, Luhansk 'republics' in Ukraine in support of Russia's war - Fox News

Pro-Russia Separatists Say Ukrainian Forces Shelled Market in Donetsk, Killing 5 People - Newsweek

NATO backs military aid for 'heroic' Ukraine, Russia steps up attacks - Reuters

Ukraine latest updates: Moscow bans dozens of UK citizens - Al Jazeera English

EU looks for natural gas alternative to Russia; fighting rages in Severodonetsk - CNBC

Ukraine's forces suffering 'painful losses' in Donbas, Zelenskiy says – as it happened - The Guardian

Russians are on the verge of capturing key Ukrainian city. In neighboring Bakhmut those with nowhere else to go brace for their arrival - CNN

U.N. seeks deal on food exports as war drives up prices and hurts millions worldwide - The Washington Post

Ukraine Loses Ground in Battle for Severodonetsk but Gains Firepower From U.S. - The Wall Street Journal

'Children': The Attack on the Donetsk Regional Academic Drama Theatre in Mariupol, Ukraine [EN/RU] - Ukraine - ReliefWeb

Russia likely to seize control of eastern Ukrainian region within weeks, U.S. official says - The Washington Post

Zelenskyy seeks a corridor for grain shipments; U.S. moves to seize planes from Abramovich - CNBC

The Stranded Sons of Shakhtar Donetsk - The New York Times

U.S. announces additional $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine - The Washington Post

Russians kill two civilians in Donetsk region over past day - Ukrinform

Ukraine: Russian forces occupy all of Sievierodonetsk, says city mayor — as it happened | DW | 25.06.2022 - DW (English)

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Latest Ukraine updates: Russia controls ‘most’ of Severodonetsk - Al Jazeera English

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Ukrainian forces now control nearly 45% of Donetsk, says official - Business Standard

Casualties rise as Russia makes incremental gains in east, Pentagon official says - The Washington Post

European Court Tells Russia to Ensure Two Britons Do Not Face Death Penalty - U.S. News & World Report

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Enemy opens fire on 10 settlements in Donetsk Region - Ukrinform

NATO chief says Sweden, Finland should join 'as soon as possible'; Scholz aims to discuss 'Marshall plan' for Ukraine - CNBC

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New U.S. sanctions target yachts with Putin ties; Russia takes majority control of key Ukrainian city - CNBC

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US to provide an additional $1bn in security assistance to Ukraine for its efforts in Donbas – as it happened - The Guardian

Russia advances in battle for eastern Ukraine city as NATO warns of long war - Reuters

Ukrainian forces accused of massacring priests in Donetsk region - Morning Star Online

Russia says ready to rebuild Luhansk & Donetsk regions for 'normal, peaceful life' - Republic World

Ukraine says Russia has returned remains of 210 fighters killed during the battle for Mariupol -

Press TV correspondent in Ukraine: Ukrainian shelling kills 6-year-old in Donetsk - Press TV

Ukraine and Russia 'compete to be last army standing' as Donbas deaths mount - The Guardian

Russo-Ukrainian war, day 103: Russian general Kutuzov reportedly killed in Donbas, battle for Sievierodonetsk rages - Euromaidan Press

Russian armed aggression affects over 972 children in Ukraine - Ukrinform

Russia is now in control of much of Severodonetsk, the epicenter of the battle for Ukraine's eastern Donbas region - CNN

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Donetsk, Ukraine -

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Ukraine's Shakhtar Donetsk starts peace-themed tour with loss to Olympiakos - ESPN