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Grisly teen murder case shocks China and shines a light on ‘left behind’ children - CNN

Relief mural depicts heritage of north China kiln - CGTN

North China's Hebei province brings better life to citizens by promoting green transformation of traditional mines - People's Daily

China's top procuratorate approves prosecution of students in murder case - China Daily

Suspects of gruesome murder of schoolboy in north China planned killing: police - SHINE News

Murder of 13-y-o by teenagers triggers reflection on juvenile crime - Global Times

Students face prosecution in murder case - China Daily

13-year-old boy in N. China’s Hebei bullied and killed by three classmates - Global Times

More efforts from society needed to prevent juvenile delinquency - Global Times

All suspects apprehended in the case of 13-y-o boy killed by classmates: authority - Global Times

The murder case of Handan student: let the law shine a light on fairness and justice: Global Times editorial - Global Times

Supreme People's Court sentences four minors aged 12-14 to 10 to 15 years - Global Times

A gruesome murder sparks a debate about juvenile justice in China - The Economist

Experts call for targeted juvenile justice system amid concerns of campus bullying - Global Times

Three schoolboys held over the death of a classmate - China Daily

Prosecution of juveniles sends a clear message - China Daily

Juvenile murder case in North China shines spotlight on school bullying - ecns

Schoolboys arrested over alleged murder of classmate - SHINE News

CHINA The murder of a teenager by 13-year-olds sparks debate in China over punishments - AsiaNews

Geely to develop green methanol for commercial vehicles - Hydrogen Today

The murder case that has shocked China: Bullied boy's remains are found buried in 'abandoned vegetable shed' a - Daily Mail

Gassy cows and pigs will face a carbon tax in Denmark, a world first - CTV News

Arrests of three boys who allegedly killed schoolmate cast light on left-behind children in China - The Straits Times

Detention of 3 teens over the gruesome killing of a 13-year-old classmate sparks a debate in China - The Associated Press

China consumer prices rise slightly in June - The Manila Times

Highlights of temple fair in Handan, N China's Hebei - Xinhua | - Xinhua

Forest park transformed from coal mining area in Handan, N China - Xinhua | - Xinhua

A miner’s canteen in Handan, China, is reborn as a culture centre - The Spaces

Fun activities celebrate harvest festival in Hebei - China Daily

Floods in North China Claim 20 Lives as Torrential Rain Cuts Power, Communications - Caixin Global

YSU PT, Chinese hospital build partnership -

3x3 U21 Men's Nations League - USA Basketball

In pics: Xiangtangshan grotto complex in Handan, China's Hebei - Xinhua | - Xinhua

China Life: A bustling temple fair in Handan, Hebei Province - CGTN

Syngenta ditches multi-billion dollar China IPO bid - Reuters

Scenery of sunflowers in Handan City, north China - Xinhua | - Xinhua

Minors receive COVID-19 vaccine in Handan, north China - Xinhua | - Xinhua

In pics: rice field in Handan, N China's Hebei - Xinhua | - Xinhua

Braun Set for 3x3 Debut with USA Basketball in China -

Killing of teen in China puts 'left behind' children of migrant workers in spotlight, China News - AsiaOne

"Robot traffic police" put on duty in north China - Xinhua | - Xinhua

URBREW Craft Beer Mashing Workshop / Name Lab - ArchDaily

In the Air - The New Yorker

Education authorities in Handan committed to promoting folk culture education - Xinhua | - Xinhua

Garden expo held in Handan, Hebei - Xinhua | - Xinhua

Underage suspects face criminal charges for murdering 13-y-o classmate, following SPP review - Global Times

China’s Polluted Steel Town - The New Yorker

Chinese cities are among biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, study finds -

Bishop of Daming (Handan) Diocese Joseph Jigen Sun - UCA News

Three teenagers detained in Handan over classmate’s death - FBC News

Light show with theme "Silk Road" held in Handan, China's Hebei - Xinhua | - Xinhua

China’s university entrance exam promotes Xi Jinping’s cult of personality - Financial Times

Record Food Costs Throw Spotlight on How China Will Feed Itself - Bloomberg

Blue skies return to Hebei's coal mining area - China Daily

Feeding China: Produce industry could grow, if it's perceived as safe - Des Moines Register

Handan: The Latest Architecture and News - ArchDaily

Boy’s death a reminder of China’s neglect of ‘left-behind children’ - South China Morning Post

Handan works to improve rural living environment - Xinhua | - Xinhua

Turenscape transforms a waste dump into a striking nature-based wastewater remediation system helping to restore the degraded wetland ecosystem in Handan - Global Design News

16 photos: Inside a Chinese chick hatchery - Des Moines Register

China's Ice Sculpture Museum Keeps Things Cool Even In The Summer Heat - The Weather Channel

China's Yongnian makes efforts to promote tourism - Xinhua | - Xinhua

Gophers' Mara Braun to play for Team USA in 3-on-3 tournament - Sports Illustrated

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Villagers create artwork with grains - Global Times

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China: Three teenagers detained in Handan over classmate's death - BBC

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13 photos: Huyau Group's expansion plans - Des Moines Register

Retinal nerve fibre layer thickness measured with SD-OCT in a population-based study: the Handan Eye Study - British Journal of Ophthalmology

Forest park transformed from coal mining area in Hebei - Xinhua | - Xinhua

Animated Chinese idioms could be key to cultural education - China Daily

Pupils practice sports at primary school in Handan - Xinhua | - Xinhua

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Qing Dynasty imperial edict found in north China - Xinhua

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Aurelien Chen retains references to China's "Red Era" in renovated cultural centre - Dezeen

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Villagers create artwork with grains - ecns

School in Handan, N China’s Hebei welcomes 12 sets of twins - Global Times

China's OpenAI starting off on the wrong foot? - ThinkChina

Workers in China wear masks for a day so they don't have to deal with social stress - The Independent

China police investigate 'vanished' Vietnamese brides -

China targets primary schools in drive to instill love for Communist Party in children - 코리아타임스

Steel mills in China’s Handan to cut production - GMK Center | English

Tourists enjoy flowers at peach garden in Hebei - Global Times

China's chickens need to lay a billion eggs a day; here is how they are going to do it - Jordan Times

Update: 4 died, 10 injured in tragic car crash in Handan, N China’s Hebei - Global Times

Ten photos from across China: March 18 – 24 - China Daily

Hebei begins using traffic robot police, shows China’s AI development - Global Times

China targets members of doomsday cult - The Washington Post

China Grabs West’s Smoke-Spewing Factories (Published 2007) - The New York Times

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Robot traffic police now on the job in North China - Nation Thailand

Former deputy governor of China Minsheng Bank under investigation - China Daily