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NE China's Jilin seeks new growth drivers for rural development with ice-snow resources - Xinhua

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Forest rangers in Jilin love to find feces - China Daily

Jiang devoted life to CPC, the people - - China Daily

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Scottish writer's Chinese dream: To show the world a China worthy of trust, friendship, and respect - Global Times

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Winter sports season about to burst into life in NW -

Dmitry Chernyshenko: The decision to hold the Years of Russia-China Cooperation reaffirms our countries' strategic partnership - EIN News

Snowfall hits parts of Jilin, NE China - Global Times

Capital of China's Jilin province apologises for food shortages due to COVID curbs - Reuters

GLOBALink | "ID officer" of Siberian tigers witnesses return of "King of Forest" - Xinhua

China issues orange alert for cold wave - msnNOW

China's Jilin province in 'last ditch' COVID battle-party official - Reuters

China's pursuit of sci-tech goals to benefit world - China Daily

Across China: "ID officer" of Siberian tigers witnesses the return of "King of Forest" -

High-speed railway in Heilongjiang passes milestones - - China Daily

Covid Zero Costs Mount As China's Jilin Slumps Into Contraction - Bloomberg

Chinese farmers leave fields fallow as Jilin lockdown threatens corn supply - South China Morning Post

Autumn scenery in NE China's Jilin - Xinhua

2022-2023 ski season of NE China's Jilin begins - Xinhua

Jilin’s Covid battle shows China’s policies work, party mouthpiece says - South China Morning Post

'Stay-at-home' taikonaut's dream coming true - China Military

NE China's Jilin city to gradually resume work, life routines after it clears COVID-19 in communities - Global Times

China launches new batches of Jilin-1 commercial remote sensing satellites - SpaceNews

Updated: Thanksgiving Services Held Across China in Picture - China Christian Daily

Cities in NE China's Jilin to resume normal life, production - Global Times

VIDEO : China's Jilin province tightens control to prevent virus spread - Euronews

NE China's Jilin lifts travel restrictions , restores highway operations - Global Times

As births plunge, one Chinese province tries loans, tax breaks for parents - South China Morning Post

Two cities in Jilin seal off communities, launch citywide testing as infections continue soaring - Global Times

High-speed rail line in Jilin photographed daily - China Daily

Shanghai's local COVID cases hit daily record as Jilin outbreak persists - Reuters

Chinese commercial remote sensing satellite firm to double size of constellation - SpaceNews

Jilin COVID-19 cases surge after 2-day drop; avoiding infection risk at testing sites key to week-long clearance plan - Global Times

10,000 doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 drug arrive in epidemic-hit Jilin frontlines - Global Times

China launches 16 more Jilin-1 satellites atop Chang Zheng 6 - -

China's Jilin province remains Covid-19 epicentre of country's latest pandemic wave - South China Morning Post

Chinese province neighbouring North Korea reports border area COVID cases - Reuters

Spatiotemporal trends and ecological determinants of cardiovascular mortality among 2844 counties in mainland China, 2006–2020: a Bayesian modeling study of national mortality registries - BMC Medicine - BMC Medicine

Virus-hit Jilin Province closer to dynamic-zero goal as Yanbian clears all lockdown communities - Global Times

In China's 'zero-Covid' lockdowns, patients with other diseases are struggling to survive - CNN

Relics dating back to Bronze Age found in NE China - Xinhua

16,000 workers of China FAW Group resume work in NE China's Jilin - Global Times

Jilin striving to ensure nation's food security - - China Daily

Jilin seeks high-quality growth driven by innovation - China Daily

17 dead, 3 injured as fire rips through restaurant in Jilin - China Daily

In Jilin, mushrooms provide new way to profit - China Daily

Rice farmers in Jilin bring in high-quality crop - China Daily

Satellite navigation aids harvest in Jilin - - China Daily

In Locked-Down Jilin, Worries Sprout Over Delayed Spring Plowing - Sixth Tone

Biodiversity conservation pays off in NE China's Jilin Province - CGTN

China university chief sacked after Covid outbreak at student residence - South China Morning Post

GLOBALink | China's Jilin sees growing new energy power generation capacity - Xinhua

'Fight to the finish': Jilin builds 8 makeshift hospitals, vows to bring outbreak under control ASAP - Global Times

Molecular occurrence and risk factors for Toxoplasma gondii infection in equids in Jilin, China | Scientific Reports -

In Jilin province, autumn scenery dazzles - - China Daily

China’s carmakers lost 1 million vehicles in production last month amid lockdowns - South China Morning Post

Amazing China in 60 Seconds: Jilin - - China Daily

In Jilin, Changbai Mountain is transformed - - China Daily

China's Jilin opens 6 temporary hospitals amid COVID-19 resurgence - Xinhua

Changchun Air Show kicks off in Jilin - - China Daily

Cameras capture tigers roaming in China's prospering Jilin national park - CGTN

Preliminary Study of the Protectiveness of Vaccination Against the COVID-19 in the Outbreak of VOC Omicron BA.2 — Jilin City, Jilin Province, China, March 3–April 12, 2022 - China CDC Weekly

Reply to: When did mammoths go extinct? -

A paradise of birds in Jilin, NE China - Xinhua

Spring ploughing at full swing in Jilin; nation to ensure grain output amid surging commodity prices - Global Times

Air force plans open house event in Jilin - China Daily

China launches eight more Earth-imaging microsats – Spaceflight Now - Spaceflight Now

At least 26 officials dismissed for poor performance in dealing with COVID-19 - Global Times

China's extreme COVID lockdowns cause widespread suffering - Axios

Changchun Sunshine Reformed Church Banned in Jilin - Bitter Winter

China’s oldest carmaker halts plant for Audi, Toyota, Volkswagen - South China Morning Post

Jilin-1 High Resolution 03D-09, 35 to 43 & Infrared A01 to 06 | Long March 6 - Everyday Astronaut

Amazon's first 2 renewable energy projects in China are expected to generate enough electricity for 250000 Chinese homes a year - About Amazon

Amazing snowscape of Changbai Mountains, NE China's Jilin - Xinhua

China's Covid Strategy Jars With Food Security Goal in Northeast - Bloomberg

Northeast Jilin Province promotes conservation tillage - CGTN

Omicron spreads to 28 provinces and regions in China - Global Times

China's COVID-hit Jilin builds more makeshift hospitals - Xinhua

Northeast China picks up steam in spring farming after impact of COVID-19 - Global Times

China's ex-minister of justice pleads guilty in 1st trial for suspected bribery, law violations for personal gains - Global Times

In Jilin province, beautiful rime arrives - - China Daily

In Jilin, steam locomotives retire with dignity - - China Daily

In China, 37 million people are in Covid lockdown. Here's what we know - CNN

Covid lockdowns are causing chaos in the world's biggest car market - CNN

Manchuria is a historical region in China that contains modern provinces Liaoning south Jilin central and Heilongjiang north and the northeastern - Bhatkallys

Changchun starts first round of city-wide nucleic acid testing after finding 48 COVID-19 cases - Global Times

Northeast China's Changchun resumes life and production as epidemic eases - Xinhua

Space tech: In Jilin, they build satellites - - China Daily

Update: NE China's Jilin raises cash reward to hunt down foreign jail breaker 27 days after his escape - Global Times

Man in Jilin Province survives by playing dead after being mauled by a bear - Global Times

Five factories of China FAW Group resume operation in Jilin Province - Global Times

Timber rafts preserve ancient tradition in Jilin - - China Daily

Jilin OE Materials set to raise $38 million in a private placement - OLED-Info

China’s Covid Lockdowns Set to Further Disrupt Global Supply Chains - The New York Times

Officials in Chinese cities sacked as zero-Covid brings zero tolerance - South China Morning Post