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Russians continue their offensive on Kharkiv front with 146 combat clashes at front – Ukraine's General Staff - Ukrainska Pravda

Governor: Russian attacks kill 2 injure 4 people in Kharkiv Oblast over past day - Gwara Media En

On The Battlefield, Russia Leans Into A Window Of Opportunity That Ukraine's Trying To Shut - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Ukrainian attacks on supply lines slowed Russians in Kharkiv, intercepts show - The Washington Post

Kharkiv bishop says assaults on Ukrainian city ‘almost nonstop’ - Crux Now

Russian losses in Ukraine spiking as Moscow opens new Kharkiv front - Washington Times

Ukraine’s army chief says Russia is augmenting its troops presence in the Kharkiv region - The Associated Press

Ukraine: Kharkiv Emergency Situation Report #4 July 10, 2024 - ReliefWeb

ISW: Ukraine makes progress near Hlyboke in Kharkiv Oblast, while Russia advances near Siversk in Donetsk Oblast - Euromaidan Press

Russian assassination plots against those supporting Ukraine uncovered in Europe, official says - CBS19 News

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, July 7, 2024 - Institute for the Study of War

Ukraine War Map Shows Zelensky's Troops Regaining Ground Near Kharkiv - Newsweek

Kharkiv under attack: Maps show why Biden approved Ukrainian strikes inside Russia - USA TODAY

2 years after pushing back Russia, Kharkiv faces barrage of attacks - ABC News

Russian official says Ukraine pouring troops into contested Kharkiv region - Reuters

Ukraine’s desperate struggle to defend Kharkiv - The Economist

Safe space offers mental health support to Kharkiv students - UNICEF

Russians drop 47 guided aerial bombs on six settlements in Kharkiv region - Ukrinform

Ukraine War Maps Show Two 'Successful Localized Counterattacks' by Kyiv - Newsweek

Russian strike kills 18 people in Kharkiv megastore, the deadliest attack Ukraine has seen in weeks - CNN

As Russia hits Kharkiv with more deadly bombs, Ukrainian strikes kill 6 in Russia and Crimea - PBS NewsHour

Beluga whale pair move from Ukraine's war-torn Kharkiv to Spain's Valencia - Reuters

A Look at Life in a Shattered Ukrainian Neighborhood - The New York Times

U.S. Aid Reaching Ukraine as Russia Attacks Near Kharkiv - Department of Defense

Russia kills 1, injures 8 in attack on Ukraine's Kharkiv - Voice of America - VOA News

Opinion | Without more U.S. help, Ukraine’s second largest city could fall - The Washington Post

Russian missile strike on Kharkiv caught on camera - Al Jazeera English

What Next After Russia’s Failed Kharkiv Offensive? - Center for European Policy Analysis

As Russia edges toward a possible offensive on Kharkiv, some residents flee. Others refuse to leave - The Associated Press

Zelenskyy says Ukraine has taken back control in areas of Kharkiv region, aerial attacks continue - The Associated Press

Ukraine says Russia building up forces near Kharkiv region's north - Reuters

Russian attacks on Ukraine’s Kharkiv region kill at least 11 people - Al Jazeera English

Russia intensifies attacks on Ukraine’s Kharkiv region - Al Jazeera English

Frontline report: Russia's African mercenary confronts Ukrainian drone with wooden stick in Kharkiv Oblast - Euromaidan Press

Russian forces attack Ukraine's Kharkiv region, striking on new front - Reuters

Ukraine war: Marine reveals struggle of defending Kharkiv -

Military: Russian army drops 47 guided bombs on Ukrainian troops positions in Kharkiv direction - Gwara Media En

Ukraine pulls back in two areas of Kharkiv region, warns of buildup near Sumy region - Reuters

Russians having ‘tactical success’ in advance on Kharkiv, Ukraine says - The Guardian

Death Toll Climbs in Ukraine With Russia’s `Double-Tap’ Strikes - Just Security

Ukraine says it has checked Russia's offensive in a key town, but Moscow says it will keep pushing - The Associated Press

Russia slams Kharkiv residential building in deadly guided bomb attack - FRANCE 24 English

The death toll in Kharkiv attack rises to 14 as Zelenskyy warns of Russian troop movements - The Associated Press

Kharkiv region receives $239 million to prepare for heating season – Gwara Media - Gwara Media En

Zelenskyy: "We achieved important victory — we stopped Russian offensive on Kharkiv" - Gwara Media En

Russian drones target mobile office of Ukrainian Postal Service in Kharkiv Oblast – photo - Ukrainska Pravda

Seven dead in Russian strikes on Kharkiv as Kyiv pleads for weapons - Reuters

Kharkiv, Ukraine, ravaged under Russian bombardment - Reuters

Russian attack on Ukraine's Kharkiv kills 14, injures dozens - Reuters

Ukraine's Kharkiv Front Commander Replaced - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

General Staff: Russian army tries to assault Ukrainian positions in Kharkiv direction six times over past day - Gwara Media En

Zelenskiy visits Ukraine's embattled Kharkiv as Russian pressure mounts in east - Reuters

US warns of large-scale Russian offensive against Ukraine’s Kharkiv - Voice of America - VOA News

Russia strikes Ukraine’s Kharkiv with aerial bombs for the first time since 2022 - The Associated Press

Zelenskyy in Kharkiv as Ukraine claims to partially halt Russia’s offensive - Al Jazeera English

PM Shmyhal pays tribute to fallen defenders in Kharkiv - Ukrinform

Russia widens Kharkiv front in Ukraine with small assault groups, governor says - Reuters

Ukraine war latest: Poland considering downing Russian missiles over Ukraine; Kremlin responds to Biden slip-up - Sky News

Russian strikes on Ukraine's Kharkiv region kill at least 11 - Reuters

Keep calm and carry on: Ukraine’s Kharkiv holds tight under Russian fire - Al Jazeera English

Ukraine's air defence shortages leave Kharkiv more exposed to Russian bombs - Reuters

Russian strikes kill two in Ukraine’s Kharkiv as Moscow steps up attacks - Al Jazeera English

Zelenskyy warns Russia’s Kharkiv offensive may only be ‘first wave’ - Al Jazeera English

Russians simply walked in, Ukraine troops in Kharkiv tell BBC -

Why Kharkiv is an important city in Russia's war in Ukraine - DW (English)

Biden allows Ukraine to hit Russia with American weapons near Kharkiv - Voice of America - VOA News

Military: Russia is trying to regroup its units near Hlyboke in Kharkiv region - Gwara Media En

Death toll rises from Russian attacks on Kharkiv shopping area - Voice of America - VOA News

Life goes on in Kharkiv as Russian advance menaces city - CNN

Russia launches strikes on Kharkiv as Biden lets Ukraine use US arms to hit inside Russia - FRANCE 24 English

Ukraine says Russian shelling targets civilians in Kharkiv region - Reuters

Russian bomb attack kills 3, injures 52 in Ukraine's Kharkiv - Voice of America - VOA News

Attacks kill four in Ukraine’s Kharkiv, three in Russia’s Belgorod - Al Jazeera English

Russia hits residential areas in Ukraine's Kharkiv, at least 20 hurt - Reuters

Opinion | Why Russian troops are suddenly able to advance toward Kharkiv - The Washington Post

Ukraine troops pull back in Kharkiv after Russia offensive -

UNICEF addressing child trauma and displacement in Ukraine’s Kharkiv - UN News

Governor: Russian attacks kill 1 injure 5 people in Kharkiv Oblast over past day - Gwara Media En

Ukraine: Humanitarian, health needs soar as Kharkiv hostilities intensify - UN News

‘Kharkiv Is Unbreakable’: A Battered City Carries On - The New York Times

Second Russian invasion is worse than the first, Kharkiv region evacuees say - The Washington Post

Bombs and disinformation: Russia’s campaign to depopulate Kharkiv - Atlantic Council

In pictures: Russia strikes cafe in Ukraine's Kharkiv - Reuters

Humanitarian needs spike as Russia escalates offensive in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region - Voice of America - VOA News

Ukraine’s military chief admits ‘difficult situation’ in Kharkiv region - Al Jazeera English

The villages near Kharkiv were recovering. Fleeing again, their people feel betrayed by the west – and I understand why - The Guardian

Ukraine war briefing: Kharkiv counts cost of Russian air strikes - The Guardian

Ukraine in maps: Tracking the war with Russia -

Russia loses 90% of Kharkiv offensive force, Ukrainian commander reports - Euromaidan Press

More than 10 killed in deadly Russian strike on Ukraine's Kharkiv DIY store - FRANCE 24 English

Ukrainian high jumper keeps her eye on the raised bar, but her mind is fixed on the war -

Putin says Russia has no plans to capture Ukraine’s Kharkiv, wants a buffer zone - PBS NewsHour

Biden team hails ‘lightning speed’ call on strikes in Russia. Meanwhile, Kharkiv burned. - The Washington Post

Russia attempts ground offensive into Ukraine’s Kharkiv - Al Jazeera English