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Ukraine receives US missile systems; Russia advances in Luhansk — as it happened | DW | 23.06.2022 - DW (English)

Russia likely to seize control of eastern Ukrainian region within weeks, U.S. official says - The Washington Post

NATO chief says Sweden, Finland should join 'as soon as possible'; Scholz aims to discuss 'Marshall plan' for Ukraine - CNBC

Ukraine awaits E.U. candidate decision; leaders prepare for long war - The Washington Post

As Luhansk falls to the Russians, civilians are desperate to evacuate - The Washington Post

Syria to recognize Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk regions - ABC News

Latest Developments in Ukraine: June 24 - Voice of America - VOA News

Ukraine updates: Putin has not changed his plans in region: Haines - USA TODAY

Syria to recognize Ukraine's Luhansk and Donetsk regions – KION546 - KION

Ukraine needs 'fire parity' with Russia to defend Luhansk region, top general says - Reuters

Moscow-backed Luhansk region in Ukraine to send 'liberated' grain to Russia -Tass - Reuters

Russia-Ukraine latest updates: Leaders back EU path for Kyiv - Al Jazeera English

Russia-Ukraine War: Most of Luhansk's Sievierodonetsk seized by Russia - The Jerusalem Post

Ukrainian Forces Blow Up Bridge as Russians Attempt to Cross Luhansk River - Newsweek

Syria to become first to recognize Donetsk, Luhansk 'republics' in Ukraine in support of Russia's war - Fox News

Russia-Ukraine live updates | Drone strike hits Russian refinery near Ukraine - The Hindu

Q&A: Ukraine’s Haidai on the battle for Severodonetsk, Lysychansk - Al Jazeera English

Ukrainian Forces Will Have to Leave Key Eastern City, Luhansk Governor Says; Retired Russian Major Captured - NBC 6 South Florida

June 6, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news - CNN

Russia takes most of Sievierodonetsk city in eastern Ukraine -

Russian General Roman Kutuzov Killed In Luhansk, Ukraine Says - Newsweek

‘Everything is on fire’: inside Ukraine’s bombarded Luhansk region - South China Morning Post

Ukraine: Russian forces step up attacks to seize Lysychansk — live updates | DW | 30.06.2022 - DW (English)

Russia Ukraine War: Ukrainian Governor calls Severodonetsk 'hottest point' in Luhansk - Republic World

Russian forces leave Snake Island, keep up eastern assault - FOX 8 Local First

Ukraine claims buildings damaged due to Russian shelling in Luhansk's Severodonetsk - Republic World

Ukraine war: Russia claims to control 97% of Luhansk | DW | 08.06.2022 - DW (English)

Russia likely to seize all of Luhansk in coming weeks, U.S. official says - The Washington Post

U.S. will send advanced rocket systems to Ukraine, Biden says, as Donbas conflict rages - The Washington Post

Russia makes progress in the east as Ukraine pleads for weapons - The Washington Post

In Kyiv visit, European leaders back Ukraine's candidacy to join E.U. - The Washington Post

Ukraine latest updates: German heavy weapons arrive in Ukraine - Al Jazeera English

Russia is taking Ukraine territory, slowly, in its brutal Donbas offensive -

Zelenskyy seeks a corridor for grain shipments; U.S. moves to seize planes from Abramovich - CNBC

Live blog: UK warns of long haul as Ukraine’s Luhansk prepares for worst - TRT World

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 29 - Critical Threats Project

Luhansk Oblast: Ukrainian forces repel Russian assault on Toshkivka, fighting for Sievierodonetsk continues - Yahoo News

Ukraine takes back part of Severodonetsk; revered church engulfed in flames - The Washington Post

Russia Claims It Has 97% Control of Ukraine’s Luhansk Province - Voice of America - VOA News

Russian forces fight to capture Ukraine's eastern bulwark - Spectrum News NY1

Ukraine's 'tactical realignment' in the east isn't a sign it's losing the war against Russia - ABC News

War in Ukraine: The Congolese in the ranks of the pro-Russian militia in Luhansk - The France 24 Observers

Russia deploys more troops in east Ukraine, claims to have 'liberated' 97% of Luhansk region - Economic Times

Zelenskiy says Russian troops intend to capture the city of Zaporizhzhia – as it happened - The Guardian

Russia says ready to rebuild Luhansk & Donetsk regions for 'normal, peaceful life' - Republic World

'Bus, train services to link Crimea & South Ukraine' - Times of India

Russia-Ukraine War Latest: ‘No Safe Places In Luhansk’, Says Governor But Severodonetsk Yet To Fall - News18

War: Ukraine hits Russian arms depot with United States’ HIMARS MLRS - Daily Post Nigeria

Ukraine pleas for ammunition grow amid intense firefight in East - The Washington Post

Russia launches missiles across Ukraine, cements gains in east - CBS News

Russia makes 'marginal gains' near Severodonetsk - The Washington Post

Moscow to Name German Embassy Square after Luhansk Republic - The Moscow Times

Ukraine-Russia War: Communications in Kherson shut down - Ukraine - The Jerusalem Post

Russia hands out passports in occupied Ukraine cities - BBC

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Russia claims ‘97 per cent control’ of flashpoint Ukraine region - South China Morning Post

Russia targets Ukraine capital of Kyiv for first time in a month as battle for Luhansk rages on - iNews

Zelenskiy says stalemate with Russia is 'not an option' – as it happened - The Guardian

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U.S. attorney general visits Kyiv as heavy fighting continues in Luhansk - The Washington Post

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Ukraine: Russian troops 'pushed back' in key eastern city | DW | 04.06.2022 - DW (English)

Children among 800 people hiding below Sievierodonetsk factory - The Guardian

Russia: Ukraine prepares provocation at Lugansk factory - Prensa Latina

UK says Russia making slow inroads into Ukraine's Luhansk region - ZAWYA

Russia controls 80 percent of Luhansk, Ukraine official says - Al Jazeera English

Two Reuters Journalists Injured, Driver Killed in Eastern Ukraine - Voice of America - VOA News

June 27, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news - CNN International

Battles rage in Ukraine’s Luhansk as Russia targets main city - Al Jazeera English

Ukraine facing grinding campaign as it waits for weapons - WHSV

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People Fleeing Separatist-Held Luhansk Describe Growing Fear, Confusion - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

'Everything was going fine between us' Putin says of NATO expansion; Russian forces withdraw from Snake Island - CNBC

Luhansk school bombed in Ukraine, leaving up to 60 dead, official says - The Washington Post

Ukrainian forces destroy columns of Russian armoured vehicles in Luhansk region -

Why Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine is key to Russia's war - The Washington Post

Too late to evacuate civilians in face of Russian attack, says Luhansk official - The Guardian

Ukraine says Russia is launching attacks in Donetsk, Luhansk — as it happened | DW | 18.04.2022 - DW (English)

Russian bombardment preventing evacuations from Ukraine's Luhansk region, governor says -

May 9, 2022: Russia-Ukraine news - CNN

Ukrainian rebel region Luhansk may vote to join Russia - Reuters

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Artillery Duels Dominate A Battlefront In Ukraine's Luhansk Region - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty