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127,123 Individuals, 38,546 Vehicles Cross Melilla-Morocco Border - Morocco World News

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Returning minors to Morocco from Spain enclave 'illegal' -- court - The Manila Times

Five migrants die in mass attempt to enter Spain's Melilla - Radio Pakistan

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Spanish PM Sanchez blames "mafia" people traffickers for violent raid on Morocco/Melilla border -

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'A bloodbath': refugees reel from deadly Melilla mass crossing - The Guardian

Images Show Motionless, Bleeding Migrants at Melilla Border - Latest Tweet by Reuters - LatestLY

Spain: Record Number of Melilla Crossings as Violence Prompts Outrage, Quiet Spell on the Atlantic Route, Preparations to Welcome Ukrainians | European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) - European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) |

Spanish minister defends police accused of brutality at Melilla border - The Guardian

Sánchez says he 'hadn't seen' Melilla images when he praised Moroccan police - POLITICO Europe

Morocco-Spain Border: Shocking Mistreatment of Africans - Impakter

More than 230 migrants enter Spain's Melilla enclave from Morocco - FRANCE 24 English

Spain and Morocco to reopen borders in Ceuta and Melilla - Africanews English

Hundreds of Migrants Scale Fence, Cross Into Spain's Melilla Enclave - U.S. News & World Report

Former Mayor-President of Melilla Calls on Spanish Authorities to Include the Enclave in the Schengen Area - -

Melila: Far-Right Vox Urges Spain to Restrain Moroccan Food Exports - Morocco World News

Refugee massacre in Melilla is no different from genocide | Daily Sabah - Daily Sabah

Record hundreds of migrants attempt crossing into Spain's Melilla enclave - TRT World

Melilla: Spain To Revoke Nationalities of 78 Moroccan Babies - Morocco World News

Spanish Court Annuls Measure Requiring Melilla Visa for Nador Minors - Morocco World News

More Than 200 African Men Cross from Morocco into Spain's Melilla - Voice of America - VOA News

Why are Ceuta and Melilla Spanish? - The Local Spain

Hundreds of Africans cross into Spain’s Melilla for 2nd day - WWTI -

Enclaves of Ceuta, Melilla: Spain Extends Border Closure Until March 31 - Morocco World News

Morocco, Spain Prevent 500 People from Entering the Spanish Enclave of Melilla - Morocco World News

Morocco, Spain reopen land borders after two-year COVID-19 closure - Al Arabiya English

Spain stops 350 migrants from scaling Melilla fence - InfoMigrants

Ceuta-Melilla: Spain, Morocco To Discuss Full Reopening of Borders - Morocco World News

Spanish Party Calls for Visa Obligation To Enter Melilla, Ceuta From Morocco - Morocco World News

Spain's Interior Minister: Morocco's Borders With Ceuta, Melilla To Open Soon - Morocco World News

Spain, Morocco reopen land border crossings as ties improve - ABC News

Morocco Reportedly Changes Names of Border Spots in Ceuta, Melilla - Morocco World News

Spain: Morocco is 'Sovereign' to Monitor its Borders Near Melilla, Ceuta - Morocco World News

ARCHIVED - Thirteen officers injured as migrants storm Melilla border - Spanish News Today

Sanchez 'Confident' Morocco's Borders With Ceuta, Melilla Will Reopen Soon - Morocco World News

Ceuta and Melilla Residents Call For Border Opening - Morocco World News

One dead as Spain extends closure of land border with Morocco - InfoMigrants

Spain Extends Border Closure Between Its African Enclaves & Morocco - -

Spain lugs its political fights, scandals and protests into the NATO summit - POLITICO Europe

Where the borders stayed shut after the pandemic: Ceuta and Melilla, north Africa's frontier cities - The Independent

Dozens of migrants attempt crossing into Spain's Melilla enclave | Daily Sabah - Daily Sabah

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These images were taken in Melilla, and do not show African migrants fleeing Ukraine - AFP Factcheck

Ceuta and Melilla: Vestiges of European colonialism in Africa | Daily Sabah - Daily Sabah

350 migrants stopped from crossing into Spain's Melilla - Arab News

Living rough in Morocco, migrants dream of Spanish enclave - Arab News

Melilla Authorities Hope for Reopening of Borders With Morocco in 2022 - Morocco World News

Spain renews order to close Ceuta and Melilla borders -

150 migrants storm border with Spain's Melilla enclave - Arab News

Nigerian singer Seun Kuti cancels Moroccan concert due to Melilla tragedy - Africanews English

Spanish report warns of Morocco's 'hybrid strategies' to annex Ceuta, Melilla | Saad Guerraoui | MEO - Middle East Online

Spain Planning to Fully Include Its African Territories of Ceuta & Melilla in Schengen Area - -

Morocco deports Yemen refugees attempting to enter Spanish enclave, rights group says - Middle East Monitor

Ceuta, Melilla Border Closure Causes Boom in Moroccan Customs Revenue - Morocco World News

Spanish Borders of Ceuta & Melilla With Morocco to Remain Closed for Another Month - -

Irregular Immigration: Smugglers Charge €4000 for Melilla From Morocco - Morocco World News

Morocco's Borders with Ceuta, Melilla To Remain Closed Until October 31 - Morocco World News

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Spanish mezzo-soprano Teresa Berganza dies aged 89 - Expat Guide to Spain - Expatica Belguim

Nissan Offers Recycled LEAF Batteries To Spanish Town As Backup Power - CarScoops

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The Spanish women's team sponsors the Plaza 3X3 CaixaBank in Melilla - Sportsfinding

Atlantic Route and Spain: Canary Route Among Deadliest, EU Plans to Strengthen Cooperation with Morocco, Resumption of Deportation Flights, Double Standards in Approach to Arrivals | European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) - European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) |

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Uneasy calm descends over Melilla, Spain’s heavily fortified African enclave - The Guardian

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Spain built fences 20 years ago to keep migrants away. Here's how that worked out -

Marc Gasol returns from injury as Girona down Melilla -

Swimming to Melilla: 'Migrants think it's faster but, above all, it's very dangerous' - InfoMigrants

Melilla Tragedy Splits UN Security Council - Morocco World News

African migration at Europe's southern border surges despite heavily fortified fences - CBS News

350 migrants stopped from crossing into Spain's Melilla – Borneo Bulletin Online - Borneo Bulletin

Dozens of migrants breach Spain-Morocco border at Melilla - Middle East Eye

Four migrants die trying to reach Spanish enclave in Africa - InfoMigrants

Melilla, Morocco vs. Spain and the World Cup's Unique Football Rivalry - Bleacher Report

Recalibrating U.S. Counterterrorism: Lessons Learned From Spain - Lawfare

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Morocco, Spain reactivate border control cooperation but migrants keep trying | AW - The Arab Weekly

Atlantic Route and Spain: Rescues and Tragedy, Moroccan Migration Cooperation Morocco, Judge Orders Return Of Expelled Minors, Border Procedure Plans Spanish Enclaves | European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) - European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) |