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Ukraine win Minsk Christmas ice hockey tournament opener - Belarus News (BelTA)

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Belarus preparing to start importing oil via Odessa-Brody pipeline - Belarus News (BelTA)

Holocaust Survivor Honored - Journal & Topics Newspapers Online

Belarus ready to implement road construction projects with Ukraine - Belarus News (BelTA)

Ukraine to deepen Pripyat River by May 2020 - Belarus News (BelTA)

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In Ukraine, all that God gave is good, all that man made is rotten - Jewish Chronicle

Belarus, Ukraine gearing up for 3rd Forum of Regions in Grodno - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belavia cancels several flights to Europe, Asia over coronavirus - Belarus News (BelTA)

Fires in Chernobyl exclusion zone unlikely to affect radiation levels in Belarus - Belarus News (BelTA)

MTZ to deliver about 5,000 tractors and tractor sets to Ukraine in 2020 - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus' Healthcare Ministry: Over 120 people tested, no 2019-nCoV cases confirmed - Belarus News (BelTA)

Iranian Embassy in Minsk to open book of condolences for Ukrainian aircraft crash victims - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belorusneft working on extraction, oil industry service projects on three continents - Belarus News (BelTA)

Govortsova out of 2020 Abierto GNP Seguros - Belarus News (BelTA)

Pripyat puts up its first Christmas tree since Chernobyl accident - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belorusneft to open 180 vehicle charging stations in Belarus in 2020 - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarusian Railways potential presented in Sweden - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus, Ukraine discuss preparations for Forum of Regions in Grodno - Belarus News (BelTA)

EU redirects €840m to help Eastern Partnership countries fight coronavirus - Belarus News (BelTA)

Coronavirus Outbreak In Belarus Orphanage For Disabled Children Raises Alarm - Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty

Belarusian Belkommunmash to make 12 hybrid trolleybuses for Ukrainian Dnepr - Belarus News (BelTA)

German FM announces Normandy Four videoconference meeting next week - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus showcases furniture at Meble Polska 2020 expo in Poznan - Belarus News (BelTA)

January Music Nights festival in Brest unveils 2020 lineup - Belarus News (BelTA)

Norwegian oil reaches Belarus' Naftan - Belarus News (BelTA)

PM: Belarus ready to move forward in industrial, agricultural cooperation with Georgia - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus' interest in resuming navigation along Dnieper River emphasized - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus to get 160,000t of oil from Azerbaijani SOCAR - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus, Ukraine working out roadmap to develop navigation along Dnieper River - Belarus News (BelTA)

Lukashenko: Belarus is ready for cooperation with Poland, will never threaten it - Belarus News (BelTA)

Ukrainians make up over 90% of asylum seekers in Belarus in 2019 - Belarus News (BelTA)

Sami Steigmann, Holocaust survivor and educator - The Jerusalem Post

Football fans turn attention to Belarus - Belarus News (BelTA)

Lukashenko explains why Belarus buys oil in other countries - Belarus News (BelTA)

Chakrabarti hopes to see Belarus among EBRD's top 5 partners - Belarus News (BelTA)

No radiation spikes in Belarus after forest fire in Chernobyl exclusion zone - Belarus News (BelTA)

Foreign ministry arranging repatriation of 150 Belarusians from UAE - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus' PM names topics for discussion with Russian counterpart - Belarus News (BelTA)

Synchronized bronze for Belarus at FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup Aerials in Raubichi - Belarus News (BelTA)

Subgroups of Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine in talks in Minsk - Belarus News (BelTA)

Minsk hosting Christmas Ice Hockey Tournament - Belarus News (BelTA)

Economic Doldrums for Belarus, or a Possible End to the Price War With Russia? - The Jamestown Foundation

Belarus-Russia trade 0.5% down in 2019 - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus announces pre-marketing of RUB10bn sovereign bonds in Russia - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus buys 80,000t of Norwegian oil - Belarus News (BelTA)

Minsk hosts International Indoor Athletic Match U-20 - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus, Egypt sign $1m contract to make drones - Belarus News (BelTA)

IMF's March mission to Belarus postponed - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus eager to start importing oil via Odessa-Brody pipeline in March - Belarus News (BelTA)

Second Belarusian potash mining company extracts first salt - Belarus News (BelTA)

Next meeting of trilateral contact group on Ukraine to be replaced with video conference - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belgium to host FIH Indoor Hockey World Cup 2021 - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus considering measures to help business amid coronavirus pandemic - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus' central bank comments on financial market situation, shortage of foreign cash - Belarus News (BelTA)

Where the wind blows - The Ecologist

Belarusian ruble hit with oil price drop, experts advise to stay calm - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus fares well in its maiden PISA test - Belarus News (BelTA)

Govortsova into 2020 Monterrey round two - Belarus News (BelTA)

Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova 3rd at World Athletics Indoor Tour in France - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus prime minister calls for serious dedollarization of EAEU economy - Belarus News (BelTA)

The quarantine use: Natalia Mogilevskaya trained for a new profession - The Times Hub

Belarus to hold cultural days in Oman, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine in 2020 - Belarus News (BelTA)

Schuebel: Belarus, EU maintain regular dialogue - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus-Ukraine demarcation process gets underway in Polesie reserve - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus hopes for great progress for EAEU in next five-year period - Belarus News (BelTA)

Kyrgyzstan suggests strengthening EDB's role to handle COVID-19 impact - Belarus News (BelTA)

Azarenka loses Monterrey opener - Belarus News (BelTA)

No plans to import electricity to Belarus in 2020 - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarus PM dissatisfied with low efficiency in leather industry - Belarus News (BelTA)

Makei unveils Belarus' foreign policy objectives - Belarus News (BelTA)

Alina Harnasko wins gold, bronze at Grand Prix Brno 2020 - Belarus News (BelTA)

Eurasian Intergovernmental Council to convene for extraordinary meeting on 23 April - Belarus News (BelTA)

Working groups of Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine in talks in Minsk - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belkommunmash to present electric buses with new design in Zhitomir - Belarus News (BelTA)

EU to allocate €60m to support Belarus' healthcare, economy - Belarus News (BelTA)

Timber conversion rate at Belarusian Bellesbumprom enterprises past 90% - Belarus News (BelTA)

EAEU bans export of goods needed to fight COVID-19 - Belarus News (BelTA)

Edgar Hilsenrath, darkly comic novelist and survivor of the Holocaust, dies at 92 - Washington Post

Poland wins Junior Eurovision 2019 - Belarus News (BelTA)

In secretive Belarus, Chernobyl's impact is breathtakingly grim - USA TODAY

EAEU vice premiers to hold talks on gas transportation tariffs - Belarus News (BelTA)

€4m from EU to build x-ray vehicle scanner in Belarusian-Polish border checkpoint - Belarus News (BelTA)

Belarusian toy factory opens in Turkey - Belarus News (BelTA)