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Passenger on Egypt-Russia Flight Dies by Suicide – Reports - The Moscow Times

After Time in U.S. Prisons, Maria Butina Now Sits in Russia's Parliament - The New York Times

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Putin Sacks Russian Prisons Chief After Torture Leak Scandal - The Moscow Times

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Shuttered Russian Underground Crematorium Found Burning Human Remains – Reports - The Moscow Times

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France warns Russia over Ukraine, Moscow denies weighing attack - Reuters

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Half of Russians Are Unafraid of Catching Covid Despite Record Deaths – Poll - The Moscow Times

Russia moves to CDC's highest risk travel category - CNN

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Russians head for lakes as Moscow swelters in near-record heat - Reuters

Russia labels Moscow Digital Media and legal entity of Rosbalt 'foreign agents' - Reuters

US warns Moscow embassy could stop functioning in row over visas - The Guardian

Moscow cancels QR code COVID-19 restriction for bars and restaurants - Reuters

U.S. Cuts Visa Services in Moscow as Russia Squeezes Embassy - Bloomberg

Russian security chief says Moscow will work with U.S. to find hackers - Reuters

Mooted U.S. expulsion of Russian diplomats would mean U.S. embassy closure, says Moscow - Reuters

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