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Fears of Russian winter push in Ukraine ahead of Putin elections in March – live - The Independent

AP PHOTOS: Moscow hosts a fashion forum with designers from Brazil, China, India and South Africa - ABC News

The U.S. has made an offer to bring home jailed Americans in Russia. Moscow rejected it - PBS NewsHour

US-Russian Dual National Detained for 'Rehabilitating Nazism' - Voice of America - VOA News

Russia-Ukraine war live: Zelenskiy heads to Argentina; Kyiv condemns Russia election plans - The Guardian

Pro-Russian former Ukrainian parliamentarian shot dead near Moscow - Al Jazeera English

VIDEO : Ukraine says Russian presidential voting in its occupied regions would be 'null and void' - Euronews

Putin continues his blitz round of Mideast diplomacy by hosting the Iranian president - The Associated Press

For Putin, winning reelection could be easier than resolving the many challenges facing Russia - Jacksonville Journal-Courier

The rise and stagnation of Russia's economy during Putin's tenure - Reuters

Ukraine says any Russian presidential voting in its occupied regions would be 'null and void' - ABC News

Moscow puts prominent Russian-US journalist on wanted list for criminal charges - The Times of Israel

Ukraine Condemns Planned Russian Presidential Election in Occupied Territory - Voice of America - VOA News

Moscow Exchange would halt USD trading if sanctions imposed - Reuters

Temperatures in Siberia dip to minus 56 Celsius as record snow blankets Moscow - Reuters

Aggrieved Russian retail investors demand SPB Exchange recover their assets - Reuters

Russian central bank sees banks' profits shrinking next year from record high - Reuters

Russia launches its Mir payment cards in Cuba - Reuters

Russia and Saudi Arabia urge all OPEC+ powers to join oil cuts - Reuters

For Putin, winning reelection could be easier than resolving the many challenges facing Russia - WDIV ClickOnDetroit

Pro-Kremlin Ukrainian politician Illia Kyva assassinated near Moscow: "Such a fate will befall other traitors of Ukraine" - CBS News

Pro-Russia Ukrainian politician shot dead near Moscow - FRANCE 24 English

Russia’s Putin meets Iran’s Raisi in Moscow after whirlwind Gulf visit - Breaking Defense

Russia's Putin is visiting the UAE and Saudi Arabia, seeking to bolster Moscow's Mideast clout - The Associated Press

Russia's Putin tells soldiers: I will run for president again in 2024 - Reuters

Iran’s Raisi says ‘genocide’ unfolding in Gaza as he meets Russia’s Putin - Al Jazeera English

Putin sends message to world with 'spontaneous' election announcement - Reuters

With Putin's reelection all but assured, Russia's opposition still vows to undermine his image - The Associated Press

Russia election date set for March 17, 2024, clearing path for Putin's 5th term - The Associated Press

Pro-Russia Ukrainian MP Illia Kyva shot dead in Moscow suburb - The Guardian

Explainer: Key challenges facing Putin if he gets a new six-year term - Reuters

Heavy snowfall hits Moscow as Russian media report disruption on roads and at airports - ABC News

Kyiv assassinates pro-Russian Ukrainian politician outside Moscow: reports - The Hill

In Soldiers' Remains, Russia Plots a Way to Reconcile With France - The New York Times

Putin's economic challenges are many but surmountable as election looms - Reuters

Britain, US sanction Russian hackers over years-long FSB cyberespionage campaign - Reuters UK

Kremlin says OPEC+ cuts will kick in later, confirms Putin to visit Gulf - Reuters

Revived Moskvich car brand breaks into Russia's top 10 - Reuters

Russia's Putin, Saudi crown prince discuss further OPEC+ cooperation in whirlwind visit - Reuters

Russia's Putin announces presidential candidacy in 2024 elections - FRANCE 24 English

When is 2024 Russian election and will Putin run for president? - Reuters

In Russia, some women demand return of their men from Ukraine front - Reuters

Russia to hold presidential election on March 17, 2024 - Reuters

Russia Issues Arrest Warrant for U.S.-Russian Journalist Masha Gessen - The Moscow Times

Putin Ally Hints at Russian Plot to Reclaim Alaska - Newsweek

Police raid Moscow gay bars after a Supreme Court ruling labeled LGBTQ+ movement 'extremist' - The Associated Press

UK accuses Russia of attempted election interference through cyberattacks - Al Jazeera English

Putin to discuss Israel-Hamas war during a quick trip to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - The Associated Press

Plane makes emergency landing after engines catch on fire - Business Insider

Russia set to hold presidential election in March 2024 - Al Jazeera English

Putin's spy chief says Ukraine could become a 'second Vietnam' for the U.S. as it drags on resources - CNBC

Allies of Russian opposition leader Navalny post billboards asking citizens to vote against Putin - The Associated Press

US says Russia rejected proposal for release of Paul Whelan, Evan Gershkovich - Reuters

Moscow aims for another grab: Navy Chief says Russia will expand into Arctic Ocean - The Independent Barents Observer

Russia's November seaborne diesel exports rise as ban lifted, production rises - Reuters

Russia Detains U.S.-Russian Citizen for 'Rehabilitating Nazism' - The Moscow Times

Police raid Moscow gay bars after top court’s LGBTQ ‘extremist’ designation - Al Jazeera English

Russia says it downed dozens of Ukrainian drones headed for Moscow, following a mass strike on Kyiv - ABC News

Six Ukrainian Children Returned From Russia Under Qatari Deal - Voice of America - VOA News

Putin to visit UAE, Saudi Arabia this week - Russian news outlet - Reuters

Moscow accuses Russian-Italian national of Ukrainian-ordered bomb attacks - Al Jazeera English

Putin makes rare trip to Middle East to meet with UAE and Saudi leaders - Al Jazeera English

Russia Outlaws U.S.-Based RAND Corporation as ‘Undesirable’ - The Moscow Times

Putin seeking another term as Russian president - The Hill

Western investors spooked as Moscow mulls compulsory share purchase plan - Reuters

Putin greets kids, views 'nuclear button' as re-election bid nears - Reuters

Iran's Raisi tells Putin in Moscow that West backs Gaza "genocide" - Reuters

Why the West's sanctions on Moscow aren't harming ordinary Russians - Yahoo News

Russia Says Arrested Belarusian for Siberia Railway Sabotage - The Moscow Times

School Shooting in Western Russia Leaves 2 Dead - The Moscow Times

‘War, Prison or Disability’: Russian Military Desertions Surge - The Moscow Times

Kyiv Says Organized Killing of Pro-Russian Politician Near Moscow - The Moscow Times

Putin to Bet on Ultra-Conservatism, Economy and Victory in Ukraine in 2024 Election Campaign - The Moscow Times

Russia Announces 3-Day Vote for 2024 Election - The Moscow Times

Russia's Monthly Income From Oil Exports Surpasses Pre-War Levels – Bloomberg - The Moscow Times

Putin hails Russia-Iran ties in meeting with Raisi, as they discuss Israel-Hamas war - The Times of Israel

Russia Sets Presidential Election for March 17 - The Moscow Times

Iranian President Raisi heads to Moscow - The Jerusalem Post

Putin blames Nord Stream blasts for disruption of Russia-Germany relations - Reuters

Vladimir Putin Announces 2024 Re-Election Bid - The Moscow Times

Fourth Russian Region Outlaws ‘Coercion’ Into Abortion - The Moscow Times

Russia's Vladimir Putin says he will run for president in 2024 elections: State media - CNBC

Ukrainian special forces killed former lawmaker near Moscow, officials say - Financial Times

Anti-War Priest Vows To Launch New Kazakh Orthodox Church To Escape Moscow And Its 'Propaganda' - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Putin Hails Ties With Iran in Meeting With Raisi - The Moscow Times

Major Factory Helping Russia's War Effort Burns Down in Moscow: Video - Newsweek

Moscow and Gaza: Is Russia Ready for a Major Shift in Its Middle East Policy? - Palestine Chronicle

DOJ files war crime charges; Russia reasserts its influence as Putin meets allies in Middle East - CNBC

Moscow says Russia won't allow existence of 'Nazi state' on its border - Press TV

White House Mocks Putin Re-Election Bid - The Moscow Times

2 in 5 Wartime Exiles Return to Russia – Izvestia - The Moscow Times

Russia Attacked Ukraine With 48 Drones Overnight – Kyiv - The Moscow Times

'Urban Madmen': Russia’s Environmental Activists Targeted With Soviet-Style Punitive Psychiatry - The Moscow Times

Moscow and Gaza: Is Russia ready for a major shift in its Middle East policy? - Middle East Monitor

Finland will close 4 border crossings with Russia, accusing Moscow of organizing a flow of migrants - The Associated Press

The Cuisine of Russian Emigration - The Moscow Times

Deputy Russian army corps commander is killed in Ukraine - Reuters

Crimea Gas Pipeline Fire Leaves 30K Residents Without Heating - The Moscow Times