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Oil Depot On Fire In Russia's Rostov Region, Governor Says - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Oil depot in Russia's Rostov Oblast struck by Ukrainian Security Service drones – Ukrainska Pravda source, video - Ukrainska Pravda

Explosions, oil refinery fire reported in Russia's Rostov Oblast - Yahoo! Voices

Ukraine drone attack spurs fire at power substation in Russia’s Rostov: Official - Al Arabiya English

Russian forces storm detention centre, free guards taken hostage - Al Jazeera English

Ukraine updates: Oil depots ablaze in Russia's Rostov region - DW (English)

Federal Penitentiary Service Chief In Russia's Rostov Resigns After Hostage Crisis - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Drone attacks caused fire at substations, oil depot in 2 Russian regions, governors claim - Kyiv Independent

Oil depot on fire in Russia's Rostov Oblast due to drone attack - Ukrainska Pravda

Russian oil tanks burn after drone attack - Voice of America - VOA News

Ukraine claims its drones hit a Russian oil facility, sparking a huge blaze - The Associated Press

Ukraine struck airbase, oil depot, and energy facility in Russia overnight, source says - Kyiv Independent

Russian Oil Depot on Fire After Ukrainian Drone Attack, Says Rostov Governor - Kyiv Post

Ukraine claims major drone strike on Russian airfield, killing servicemen and destroying aircraft - CNN

Large Fire Hits Polyester-Producing Plant In Russia's Rostov Region Bordering Ukraine - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Oil depot in russia's Rostov Oblast burning due to drone attack - Ukrainian News Agency

Drones damage energy infrastructure in Russia’s Volgograd and Rostov oblasts - Euromaidan Press

Russian special forces kill Islamic State-linked hostage-takers - The Guardian

ISIS Prisoners Take Guards Hostage In Russian Prison - i24NEWS

Russia downs 'several dozen' drones over Rostov region - baha news

Russian missile attack injures 10 in Kyiv - Voice of America - VOA News

Russian forces end prison siege, kill IS hostage-takers - DW (English)

87 Ukrainian Drones Strike Russia in Overnight Attack - Newsweek

Drone attack caused fire at oil depot in Russia's Rostov Oblast, governor claims. - Kyiv Independent

Drones hit Russia’s Rostov Oblast, Krasnodar Krai, injuring 6 people - Euromaidan Press

HUR Drones Attack Fuel Base in Russia’s Rostov Oblast - Kyiv Post

Fire at oil depot in Russia's Rostov Oblast extinguished, governor says - Kyiv Independent

Explosions rock Russia's Rostov Oblast; power substation on fire – video - Ukrainska Pravda

Ukraine hits Russian air base in large drone attack - POLITICO Europe

Oil depot catches fire in Rostov region after drone attack - Українські Національні Новини

Russia says concert attack has spurred army recruitment - Reuters

Rolling blackouts introduced in Russia's Rostov Oblast - Ukrainska Pravda

Ukraine war: Six Russian planes destroyed by drones, says Kyiv -

Ukrainian drones strike Rostov - Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Shelling kills 3 in Ukraine as a drone attack sparks fire at an oil depot in Russia - Newsday

Petroleum storage tanks on fire in Russia's Rostov Oblast - Kyiv Independent

Russian official: Drones strike oil depot in Rostov Oblast - Kyiv Independent

Mysterious 'Remarkably Round' Sinkhole in Field Stumps Russians: Video - Newsweek

The incredible real history of A Gentleman in Moscow’s Hotel Metropol - BBC History Magazine

Ukraine drone attack causes explosion near Russian military HQ - CNN

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 750 - Al Jazeera English

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 663 - Al Jazeera English

Drone attack disables two power units at power plant in Russia’s Rostov Oblast - Euromaidan Press

Source: Ukraine's military intelligence drones strike oil depot in Russia's Rostov region - Kyiv Independent

SBU drones hit Russian oil depots in Rostov Oblast, source says - Kyiv Independent

Oil depot on fire in Russia’s Rostov region following drone attack - Ukrinform

Security forces storm detention center in Rostov-on-Don, free hostages, Russia says - Kyiv Independent

Russian Governor reports destruction of over 40 airborne targets in Rostov-on-don - Al Arabiya English

EU agrees 'prohibitive' tariffs on Russia, Belarus grain imports - RFI English

Russia Says Downed 87 Ukrainian Drones Overnight - The Moscow Times

Explosions Reported at One of Russia's Largest Chemical Plants - Newsweek

Russian Submarine Hit By Missile, Rostov-on-Don, Gone - Naval News

Two Ukrainian POWs facing trial in Russia’s Rostov region - Ukrinform

Explosions, oil refinery fire reported in Russia's Rostov Oblast - Kyiv Independent

Putin visits military headquarters in southern Russia - Reuters

Russia reports massive Ukrainian drone strike amid claims of airbase attacks - Kyiv Independent

Ukraine attacks a Russian oil refinery in the Rostov region - Euromaidan Press

Drone Attack Targets Russian Bomber Airfield in Rostov Region - Kyiv Post

Drones attack oil depot in Russia's Rostov Oblast - Ukrainska Pravda

Oil pipeline blown up in Russia’s Rostov Oblast – video - Ukrainska Pravda

Oil Depots on Fire in Russia's Rostov Region after Drone Attack - Asharq Al-awsat - English

Oil depots on fire in Russia's Rostov region after drone attack - News.Az

Is Russia still using the Crimean Bridge to shore up its military? - Euronews

Ukraine strikes Russian airfield in Rostov region -

Resistance sabotages railway section to occupied Mariupol in Russia's Rostov-on-Don – photo, video - Ukrainska Pravda

Oil Pipeline Explosion Rocks Rostov Region, HUR Reports - Kyiv Post

Ukraine Army hampering Russia’s plan to build highway from Rostov region to Crimea - expert - Ukrinform

Russian forces kill Islamic State-linked hostage takers at detention centre - Reuters

Russian inflation accelerates in November, rate hike beckons - Reuters

Russian forces kill six Islamic State-linked hostage takers at Rostov detention centre, freeing prison guards - ABC News

Explosions rock Russia's Rostov Oblast, Russians claim to have shot down missiles - Ukrainska Pravda

Kyiv ramps up war budget, Putin makes surprise visit to military HQ - Euronews

Five Ukrainian drones downed in latest raids on Russian territory - Al Jazeera English

Russia detains members of banned religious organization in Rostov-on-Don - Al Arabiya English

Russians Crowdfunding For Sailors Wounded in Rostov-on-Don Submarine Strike - Newsweek

Russia Says Destroyed 47 Ukrainian Drones - The Moscow Times

Russian journalist found dead on side of highway in Russia’s Rostov region - Meduza

Explosion rocks Russia's Rostov - Ukrainska Pravda

Russian forces storm a detention facility to rescue staff taken hostage, killing hostage-takers - The Associated Press

Polyester Factory in Rostov Region Ablaze After Massive Explosion - Kyiv Post

Religious context of the attacks in Rostov detention center and Dagestan - JAMnews

Ukrainian UAVs may have hit dozens of Russian Su-34s in Rostov - Bulgarian Military

Drone attack on fuel depot in Russia's Rostov Oblast was a Ukrainian intelligence operation - Ukrainska Pravda

Russia reportedly transfers ‘kidnapped’ deserter from Armenia to Rostov - OC Media

Russia: Rostov prison kidnappers killed, hostages freed - Agenzia Nova

Ex-Wagner Mercenary 'Beaten, Shot' in Russia for Fighting in Ukraine - Newsweek

The True Story Behind A Gentleman In Moscow's Bolshevik Revolution In 1917 - Screen Rant

Major Ukrainian drone attack on Russian military air base in Rostov - Sky News

Blast after drone attack at Russia's Rostov fuel depot - CGTN

Ukraine says energy facilities damaged in attack - Voice of America - VOA News

Ukraine says it wrecked Russian submarine with British cruise missiles - POLITICO Europe

Putin calls Crimea part of `New Russia`, announces new rail line from Rostov-on-Don to Crimea - WION

Detainees take pre-trial detention centre staff hostage in Russia's Rostov – video - Ukrainska Pravda

Russia’s southern Rostov region declares emergency due to drought - The Indian Express

Several people injured in factory blast in Russia's Rostov region – video - The Guardian

Ex-Wagner fighters may be heading to Ukraine with another force: intel - Business Insider

Large-scale blackouts occur in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, power supply schedule introduced - Ukrainska Pravda

100K Residents of Southern Russia’s Rostov Region Without Power – Governor - The Moscow Times

ANALYSIS: Destruction of Russia’s Kilo Class Submarine Unique in More Ways Than One - Kyiv Post

A Gentleman In Moscow Ending Explained - Screen Rant