One evening in Paris
I had the honor to be asked for diner ...
one of the guests wouldn't stop bothering the poor Mr Aldrin
for a signature (it wasn't me !)
if you are from France you might still have this copy
of the
Figaro ... it came out Jan Ist 2000
and presented the I00 most important people that had made the last century

'cover boy' Buzz Aldrin has to pose a second time
how could he refuse surrounded by beautiful women like
Aimée de Heeren
and the famous Brazilian designer Anna Maria
Indio da Costa
...  they must have been missing on the Moon

in the meantime Lois Adrin chatting with
old high school friend Daisy Rosenkrantz from San Francisco (drinking whisky)
HRH the Princess Barbara of Yugoslavia watching from the sofa

and time has come to go ...
Buzz carrying Lois's fancy 'moon handbag'
and Lois my little present 'buzz aldrin by the french post office'
the next morning they have to catch an early plane back to the US