Albert I
8th Prince of Thurn & Taxis

(may 08 I867 - jan 22 I952)

Albert had never know his father,
Prince MaximiIian I ,
the inventer of the postal codes
Prince Maximilian I
had died when he was one month old

his mother
Helen Thurn und Taxis - Bavaria
handled the family affairs

when this picture was
taken Prince Albert
did not know jet
that he would soon become
the head of the T&T empire
in the hands of his older brother Maximilian II

but when this picture
was taken in I885
Albert, age I8, controlled a fortune
partly made out of compensations
the Prussian State had paid
for nationalising,
what at the time probably was
the World's largest
Communication Company,
the origin of
German and other European PTTs


the picture shows Prince Albert
with his cousin Archiduchess Marie Valerie
the daughter of the Hungro-Austrian Emperor
and Princess Aglae Auersberg

Prince Albert's Wittelsbach geenes
(royal family of Bavaria)
made Regensburg castle
a place of a very
active cultural life


Prince Albert Thurn and Taxis
and his wife Archduchess Margarete of Austria
with their children

Prince Karl August (I0th Prince of T&T father of Prince Johannes)                                                                                       Inheritary-Prince Franz Joseph (9th Prince of T&T)
Prince Ludwig Phillipp - Prince Max Emanuel - Princess Elisabeth - Prince Raphael - Prince Philipp Ernst (Baby on shoulders)
and of course the lovely Poudel (Phnebk f the Wrld is still searching for his name  ... please send us an email if you know)

Prince Alberts very artistical way of thinking
was very contrary to Adolf Hitler's ideas
He became known for beeing strongly opposed to the Nazi regime

and he wasn't scared of publicly showing it

Phonebook of the


Prince Albert,
had the chance to live very long
and he decided
not to split his immense fortune among his many children
neither to transmit it to his Son the Inheriditary Prince

but to transmit it directly
to his young grandson Johannes

young Prince Albert II
and this is great grandson
the young Prince Albert II

Taxis Posthorn

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