Phone Book of
Phone Book of the
Brigitte von

Brigitte von Boch

Brigitte von Boch, january 2000
at the Cybercafe de Paris, today Cremerie de Paris,
the time when was registered the Internet Domain
Phone Book of the
Phone Book of the

Around the turn of the century
most people using the Internet were young,
very young
some popular website have even been set up by Teanagers ....

Phone Book of the
Phone Book of the World came alive
partly because what the Figargo had later called
an 'old Lady'
in French 'une veille Dame'
expatriate from her beloved home country France
had had all her life ....
difficulties to find phone numbers ....

Cremerie de
While visiting a Cybercafe in Paris,
inspired her nephew to register
a multitude of strategic internet domains
in the field of Telephone Directories
which contributed to the invention of the Phone Book of the World.

Working at a Cybercafe was fascinating.
At the time Parisian Hotels did not yet have internet access.
Travellers, almost exclusively from the US,
were desperately running through Paris
to find a web connection.

The cafe had encountered many tech pioneers
Many of them were very young
and we did not ralise who they were
or who they were going to become.
Maybe they did not know it themself ...

Some are now the owners or managers
of Silicon Valley's Internet firms,
One of them was the assitant of Dr Jon Postel, inventor of the dot com system.
He had shown us how to register .com domain names.

Some, like Brigitte were already older,
one had walked on the Moon,
another one, had once been a friend of the inventor of the phone,
Professor Alexander Graham Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell and Brigitte von Boch
Unlike Professor Bell who had worked years to invent the phone
and spend quite some money to finance his invention,
all Brigitte has done was to inspire to register internet domains
like her own name Brigitte von ...

Registering .com domains was a question of 70 $
for a two year registration period.

This was the amount of a few initial investments,
soon followed by more domains
and the acquisition of the webdesign programs
Adobe and Dreamwaver.

The project never received any external funding
and was financed by the revenues of the internet cafe.
At the end of every day was left a bit of money
to register
a few more .com domains ...
No investors, no bling bling, no bank financing ...

The project let to the largest network of
online Telephone directories
used every day by uncountable "Telephone Lovers".

Hotels of the

Grand Hotels of the
Grand Hotels of the

Grand Hotels of the

2002 was added a website for Grand Hotels,
Hotels of the later becoming
Grand Hotels of the

2009 / 2020 Google made it possible to add tousands
of new ultra targeted search engines
also using social medias like Facebook or LinkedIn
making people of business search more efficiant.

2011 the Internet Cafe turned into a Brand Expo location
which had to survive a never ending,
6 year lasting constrution period
to build Europe's most impressive subway exit
called "Marguerite de Navarre"

Cybercafe de Paris took back it's historic name "Cremerie de Paris".

The impact of the Phone Book of the World
helped to add 8 more historic locations
making the former avantguarde Internet Cafe
become a global hotspot and a

"Meeting Place of the World's most famous Brands"

Today brands come from many countries to expose
their lates inventions with iconic brand expos like
Microsoft Gears 5 Launch, Amazon XMas mansion,
Konami Final Fantasy, Nike Barber Shop
of Pokemon Pop Up Stores.

Phone Book of the