Phonebook of the
Phonebook of the
Phonebook of the
has always been independant - first visit july 20 1969
.no local Internet code
diameter is 2,140 miles (3,476 km),
27,3% of the diameter of the Earth
0 people - only visitors
first landing in 1959 Soviet Spacecraft Luna 2
first human visit July 20 1969 US Apollo II
Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong
later other Astronauts
Country Code +89*
no time

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map of the Moon

average distance from Earth: 384,400 km
Surface: 379,300,000 km² (0.074 Worlds)
Rotation Period: 27.321661 days


Phases of the Moon

Buzz Aldrin, Aimee de Heeren and Ben Solms, editor of the Phonebook of the World Buzz Aldrin in Paris in 2000 Ben Solms, editor of the Phonebook of the World Aimee de Heeren Buzz Aldrin on a stamp
Buzz Aldrin, Astronaute,
beautiful Aimee de Heeren
and Ben Solms, editor of the Phonebook of the World
about this picture

Buzz Aldrin just back from the Moon in July I969 Neil Amstrong just back from the Moon in July 1969 Mike Collins, didn't have the chance to walk on the Moon piloting Apollo 11 in the Space Orbit
Neil Armstong, Mike Collins, Buzz Aldrin
Astronautes and Telecom Pioneers

about this picture

When you come to this website,
you must think ... well they must be a little crazy ...

graphic comparison Earth to Moon

When President John F Kennedy decided in 1960 to go on the Moon
before the end of the Decade
this seemed to be impossible ...
so why shouldn't you one day
be able to call up people on the Moon
... maybe this day will be sooner than you expect.


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Phonebook of the
Phonebook of
Phonebook of the
*by today almost all possible country (telephone) codes have been issued ...
it is only among the codes starting with 8, used for countries in North Asia
( Phonebook of North ) that the codes +83 and +89 are still available

in I984 the code
+87 was assigned for International Satellite phonesystems
if there should ever be phones on the Moon, the the country code might either be
+83 or +89 .....