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Cedre Imperial Meudon
Cedre Imperial Meudon & Eiffel Tower send good energy from France
instagram: @cremeriedeparisofficial
expo at Cremerie de Paris ... Chivas
Thurn & Taxis Posthorn

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Coca Cola Pop Up Store
Coca Cola x Rosalia Pop Up Store
Telecom Hotsport since 1671
home of Phone Book of the World /
Meeting Place of the World's most famous Brands

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Subway / Cookie Way Pop Up Store
Cookie Way by Subway Pop Up Store
Cremerie de Paris Sep 2002
Fitbit Pop Up Store
Fitbit / Google Pop Up Event, Cremerie de Paris June 2022
Just Eat Pop Up Store
Just Eat Pop Up Event, Cremerie de Paris May 2022
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Cremerie de

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Cremerie de Paris, once seat of the Royal French Postal Services

							and home of the Phone Book of the WorldNike Barber Shop at Cremerie de ParisSiemens at Cremerie de ParisMetal Gear at Cremerie de Paris
Our telecom activites started in 1671 with Louis Pajot & Leon Rouille inventing in our house
the Royal French postal services for King Louis XIV.
The third Bourbon King had already spend part of his chidhood in our old Villeroy Bourbon mansion (
first and since 1370 owned by the Villeroy family.
Horses were carrying letters from our house located in the heart of Paris at 11 rue des Dechargeurs
to thousands of Pajot & Rouille or Thurn & Taxis post relais.
You see our old postal gate in the above pictures.

Franz von TaxisAnselm Franz von Thurn und TaxisJohannes von Thurn TaxisJohannes von Thurn Taxis
Spirit of Telecommunication stayed in our walls and in the memory of the Thurn & Taxis family.
Thanks to one of them, 1986, we open a small Sony Phone Boutique 50 m up the road, Cremerie de Paris No2
leading in 1993 to a long distance Telecom office and the very first internet cafe in France
both operating from Cremerie de Paris No1 at VB, the old Postal Mansion.

Many American Tech pioneers came by while travelling through Paris where public internet access was hard to find.
Under their influence was invented the Phone Book of the World
and (Very Beautiful / Villeroy Bourbon), one of the 676 two letter .com.

Coco Chanel and Dmitri Romanova little jewel from Coco Chanel
A jewel left by the fashion designer Coco Chanel,
Aimee de Heeren a WW2 Secret Service agent and kind of a James Bond girl
and a man from the first flight to the Moon helped.

Today the magic of the past turned the former Royal Post Center / Cybercafe turn into a
Meeting place for the Worlds most famous Brands.

Again we have the chance to run into many pioneers,
they don't come to send letters
or to get internet access,
but to show their latest products and inventions ...
Discover their Pop Up Stores while surfing through our Phone Book ot the World.

Our VB mansion is exactly the same,
even the water fountain for the post horses is still in place ...
Times have changed
but spirit of Telecomunications is full alive ...

Royal French Postal ServicesLouis Leon Pajot
Phone Book of the World / Pajot & Rouille courtyard in 1699Phone Book of the World courtyard in 2018first Cybercafe in Parisfrom the postal services to the Phone Book of the World
from the postal services to the Phone Book of the WorldLeagur of Legends at

Arriving at Cremerie de Paris, home of Phone Book of the World /
decorated for the Expo "Lav'Omada"
Click on the 3D image, walk up Metro Exit "Marguerite de Navarre" and walk into Cremerie de Paris.
Our place has a lot of magic ...
25 years ago we hosted the first Internetcafe in France, where was invented Phone Book of the World.
100 years ago the fashion designer Coco Chanel discovered it through her boyfriend Dmitri Romanov.
350 years ago the same location hosted the Royal French Postal Services.
On the left side of the Cremerie our old postal gate also called VB.
377 years ago, back in 1646 the same gate was the entrance of the school of young King Louis XIV.
483 years ago, back in 1540, his great great grandmother, Marguerite de Navarre, came by to talk about "Books" she wrote.
At that time "Phone Books" did not exit yet. They were the result of an 1876 invention by Alexander Bell.
Bell came by 1881. As if it was possibly to bypass the barriers of time we had the chance to share a friend with him.
Bell once told her "To stay young you need to have young friends" ...