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Slovakia Visitors Bureau
Suché mýto 7045/1
811 03 Bratislava
+421 948 990 609

The Slovakian Tourist Board
was late to get online.

The domain
was registered
2006 Feb 16


The domain
was registered
2002 May 02

The domain gets
natural traffic
from International Tourists

The domain
is inactif

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Visit Europe
is a Travel Portal
of ETC / European Travel Comission
co-founded by the EU

It reunites 34 national
Visitors Bureau
and State Offices for Tourism
including the one for Sweden

is one of the oldest
visit domains
1996 Oct 17

Using "Visit"
and ".com"
the European Visitors Bureau
contributed to create
a global trend
now adopted
by more and more
Travel Info Sites.

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