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countrycodes of Middle East
always start with

Phonebook of the
is organised according
to the different IDD
(International Direct Dialing) Telephone Zones:

Phone Book of North  (+I)
Phone Book of  (+2)
Phone Book of  (+3 or +4 )
Phone Book of Latin  (+5)
Phone Book of South (+6)
Phone Book of Russia
Phone Book of North  (+8)
Phone Book of the Middle/Far  (+9)

the secrets behind Middle/Far East

the International country codes got issued in 1964,

7 large countries, located in different places
have a
two digit code:(+90) (+91), (+92),(+93),(+94),(+95),(+98)

Turkey had a 'European' number starting with (+36)
in 1968 Turkey, today a candidat for EU membership,
got removed fromEurope
and switched over the the Middle East with the present code (+90)

countries of the Arabian Peninsula start with +96-
(+961), (+962), (+963), (+964), (+965), (+966), (+967) and (+968)
exeption Maldives (+960) - code only issued in 1980 or with +97-
(+970), (+97I), (+972), (+973) and (+974)

Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal do also have +97- codes
(+975), (+976) and(+977)

exSoviet Union countries (+7) now start with +99-
(+992), (+993), (+994), (+995), (+996) and (+998)
after the Break up of the former Soviet Union the 99 country code was still unassigned
so it could be used for the former Soviet Union counties that are located in Asia
(the geographical boarder between Europe and Asia is the Caucasus)
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan

the exUSSR Republic Kazakstan still has a former Soviet
+7 code,
expects the country to migrate to the code +997 (simply Brigitte's opinion, not confirmed)

some three digit codes remain unassigned
and can be used for future political changes

+978 +979
and +990 +991 +999
who will get the spectecular
tripple digit code +999 ?

Phonebook of the Middle includes
Phone information
on all Countries of the Middle East.
Whitepages and Yellowpages,
Pagesblanches and Pages Jaunes,
Paginas Blancas and Paginas Amarillas,
Pagine Bianche and Pagine Gialle
all over the Middle East.
The best Phonebooks of the Middle East
that are available on the Internet
should be here.
This site also gives you
Country Codes and Area Codes,
and Information on Directory Assistance
throughout the Middle East.

Phone Book of
the Far East

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