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The domain
was registered
2000 Aug 31

The domain gets
natural traffic
from International Tourists

The website was activated
end of 2023

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Slovenia Visitors Bureau
Dimiceva ulica 13
1000 Ljubljana
+386 1 589 8550

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB)
was one of the first Visitors Bureau
to get online.

The domain
was registered
2001 Aug 20

.info domains are not very popular

.com or .si domains
(local code for Slovenia)
are more popular


Visit Europe
is a Travel Portal
of ETC / European Travel Comission
co-founded by the EU

It reunites 34 national
Visitors Bureau
and State Offices for Tourism
including the one for Sweden

is one of the oldest
visit domains
1996 Oct 17

Using "Visit"
and ".com"
the European Visitors Bureau
contributed to create
a global trend
now adopted
by more and more
Travel Info Sites.

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