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Businesses on is a US directory
edited from San Francisco, USA.

historic logo from 2004
The directory was founded in 2004
by Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons,
two former employes of Paypal.

history of the directory coming soon ...

historic website, screenshot from 2004
The screenshot of the first website
edited as a Business Directory
dates from 2004.

The domain
was first registered in 1996.
It changed hands several times
and was not renewed in 2003.
The domain was registered again
2003 december 12

2004 Yelp from San Francisco
bought the domain for $5.000.
They had initially planned to call their directory
(a combination of "Yellow" and "Local")
but they could not get hold of the domain name.

Finaly they came up with the name "y elp"
which is a deviation of the world "help"
and the world "y ellow pages".
Yellow Pages and White Pages
are an international standard for directories
throughout the world.
The words go back to the times
Alexander Graham Bell had invented the telephone. Commercial

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