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16,801 Area : 228 km2 (88 sq mi)
City population 1,895,973 (2012) people
Density: 8,300/km2 (22,000/sq mi)
country: Malawi (+265) - Telecom Zone: Africa (+2)
Area Code
+265 2

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GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 15 47' 10" S

Longitude: 35 0' 21" E

-15.786111°, 35.005833°

Pictures of Blantyre

Blantyre is Malawi's centre of finance and commerce, and its second largest city.
Founded in 1876 through the missionary work of the Church of Scotland
and named after the town of the same name in Scotland,
Blantyre's historical importance is rivaled by no other Malawian city.

Blantyre City, the largest commercial and industrial capital of Malawi,
is in the Shire Highlands and geographical centre of the Southern Region of the country