Phonebook of the
Phonebook of North
Metal Gera Pop Up Store and Pop Up Cafe at Cremerie de Paris, home of the Phone Book of the World.
Metal Gear is one of the most glamorous brands of the +8 Telecom zone

The Video Game brand was creatde in 1987
by Hideo Kojima and Konami.
The Video game
Metal Gear V
The Phantom Pain
was launched at Cremerie de Paris.

Discover the Metal Gear
Pop Up Store and Pop Up Cafe
at Cremerie de Paris.

Metal Gear V launch at Cremerie de Paris,
home of the Phone Book of the World.
Cremerie de Paris is a Telecom hotspot since 1671.
Cremerie de Paris, home of the Phone Book of the World and iconic Telecom Hotspot since 1671.
Once seat of the Royal French Postal Services
Louis Leon Pajot and Thurn & Taxis horses
were carrying mail through Europe.

Spirit of Telecom remained ...
Centuries later the exact same spot became a Sony Phone center
turning into the first Internet Cafes in Paris.
At the cafe was invented the
Phone Book of the

Today the Cremerie hosts Pop Up Expos
from Very Beautiful Brands.

Over time Talents from different backgrounds have come by.
Cremerie de Paris

Very Beautiful by
Very Beautiful Pop Up Stores
at Cremerie de Paris.

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Junichi Masudo, coinventor of the Pokemon and Ben Solms, editor of the Phone Book of the World in the staircase of the  the Cremerie de Paris / Hotel de Villeroy
Pokemon is one of the best loved brands of the +8 Telecom Zone.
The "Poket Monsters" we created in Tokio, Japan
by Satoshi Tajiri and Junichi Masuda.
The picture shows Junishi Masuda in the historic
staircase of the Cremerie de Paris / Hotel de Villeroy
where tooke place the Pokemon Center Paris Expo
in June 2014.

Pokemon Expo at Cremerie de Paris.

Phone Book of the
is organised according
to the different IDD
(International Direct Dialing) Telephone Zones:

Phone Book of North  (+I)
Phone Book of  (+2)
Phone Book of  (+3 or +4 )
Phone Book of Latin  (+5)
Phone Book of South (+6)
Phone Book of Russia
Phone Book of North  (+8)
Phone Book of the Middle/Far  (+9)
countrycodes of North Asia
always start with

China, the most populated coutry of the World has the code +86

Phonebook of North includes
Phone information
on all Countries of North Asia.
Whitepages and Yellowpages,
Pagesblanches and Pages Jaunes,
Paginas Blancas and Paginas Amarillas,
Pagine Bianche and Pagine Gialle
all over North Asia.
The best Phonebooks of North Asia
that are available on the Internet
should be here.
This site also gives you
Country Codes and Area Codes,
and Information on Directory Assistance
throughout North Asia.

secrets behind North Asian

the 'World Zone 8' North Asia has much less countries than
the other regions of the World
however the most populated country of the World, China is part of it
China by itself counting for more people than most other World Zone

4 countries have a two digit code,

Japan (+8I), South Korea (+82), Vietnam (+84) and China (+86) have a
two digit code,

smaller countries have three digit codes:
starting with +85- or +88-
Brigitte was interested to realise that the former colonies Honk Kong (+852) and Macau (+853)
now part of China keep their seperate country codes
without beeing absorbed by the Chineese +86

special applications
 the codes (+80) and (+87) were issued in I984
the code (+87-) is used for the International Satellite Telephone Systems (like Imarsat)
the code (+800) for International Toll Free services

for future changes
by today the codes (+83) et (+89) have not been issued
they are the only two digit country codes left in the World Phone System
and give the possibility to react towards eventual political changes in Asia
or towards unknown

possibilities of the furure

Phonebook of the