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181,000 km² (69,884 miles²) - 9,836,000 people

Land boundaries: 2,572 km
Laos 541 km, Thailand 803 km, Vietnam 1,228 km
Coastline: 443 km
Country Code +855

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Phonebooks of the

Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of South Phonebook of North Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of .com Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of
phone system:
Numbering Plan of Cambodia
local calls

national long distance
national prefix: 0
area code: --
number: --- ---
(always 8 digits)

mobil phones
mobil code: I or 9

international calls
international prefix: 00I
(since May 2000 no longer 00)
calling from Cambodia
to France

Cremerie de Paris,
Pop Up Store hotspot
and home of the
Phonebook of the World
+33 I 422I IIII  Phonebook of the World
00 1 33 1 4221 1111
11 - 15 rue des IIaIIes
IS 1er

Directory Assistance ?

cambodia's Phonesystem
is regulated by MPTC

to Cambodia
from USA  0II 855

Europe/most Countries 00 855
+855 -- --- --- ( 8 digits
after the country code)
map of Cambodia

Phonebook of North

Kingdom of

independant since 1954
1970 - 1978 under
Red Kmer Dictatorship
had become French colony in 1863
French Indochina

Capital: Phum Penh
divided into ? regions
? Provinces
? Municipalities

head of state

languages Khmer
French, Vietnameese, Chineese

home to 0/500 of the World's
largest companies
GNP/person $270/year

currency 1 Riel = I00
national holiday:Independence Day, 9 November (1953)

Cardamom Mountains
Phnom Aural 1,810 m
longest river
largest lake

access to 3 neigbours
Phonebook of
Phonebook of
Phonebook of
south:Sea (Golf of Thailand)

Phum Penh (+855 23)
Sihanouk (+855 34) - Siem Reap (+855 63)