Cremerie de Paris
International Hotspot
since 1129 / 1671 / 1993 / 2011

short ...

History of a
Meeting Place of the World's most famous Brands

VB Gate 1370 The Villeroy family, food merchands at the Les Halles foodmarket
settled in an old House.
They invested into the education of their children and
over time the Villeroys became advisors
of the Bourbons and their house, "VB" a hotspot
in the Kingdom of France .
young King Louis XIV1646 VB, Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon,

became the school of a young child
Louis XIV, the 3rd Bourbon King of France.

Thurn & Taxis Posthorn
1671 The Villeroy children sold VB
as Louis XIV invited them to live at the future
Versailles Castle.
Time for a new adventure, an avant-garde private hi-tech company,
La Poste.
All international mail sent to Paris transists by the VB mansion.

1738 End of a story
The next King Louis XV took La Poste from it's founders
and moved it to a different location.
Forgotten in France VB remains
in the memory of another Postal family based in Brussels & Frankfurt:
Thurn & Taxis

Thurn & Taxis
1986 Return of a Story
Johannes Thurn & Taxis shows VB to a young student
met during Paris Fashion week.
The building was still the same,
even the water fountain for post horses still in place.
The idea came up to awake Spirit of Telecommunications
The 11th Prince of Thurn & Taxis, who's great ... grandfather
used to came by horse 250 years before
that the energy of VB was still around.

Sleeping in the old old walls
it needed to be woken up ...

The visit resulted in the mission to find a new Telecom idea
and a surprise 50 m down the road
the key of a small Boutique
soon used for
Sony Phones.

Amazon Pop Up Store 1993 Sony Phones from Japan and a little jewel left by Coco Chanel
made it possible to open the first Paris Internet cafe at VB.

The years 1995 - 1999 were more than difficult,
Sony's audio video products declined
and not enough people came by to use the cafe.
Being ahead of time, resulted in constant troubles like interrupted electricity lines.

Only a few clients,
already connected Americans travelling through Paris
Some of them would become extremely valuable
for the the future of VB, the still waking up Telecom hotspot ...

Amazon Pop Up StoreA few were alreday a little older
Jon Postel
, the inventor of "dot com",
a astronaute from the the first flight to the Moon (in the above picture)
and a woman (also in the picture) that was very beautiful.
She was much older we beleived and came to get internet lessons.
In her youth, almost a century earlier,
she had been a friend of the inventor of the
you find at the very end of this page.

Other cafe visitors were still very young and nobody knew who they were.
Maybe the did not know it themselves ...
Today they return with Pop Up Stores for the brands
they have created in the meantime
which are part of the list below:

All this leading to the invention of Phone Book of the World,
1999 dec 31 / 2000 jan 25

Pop Up Stores & Films

Pop Up Store Acer Acer came from Taipei, Taiwan
to open an
Acer Pop Up Store

Pop Up Store Ali Express Ali Express came from Hangzhou, China
to open the first International
Ali Express Pop Up Store

Pop Up Store AmazonAmazon came from Seattle, Washington, USA
to open the
Amazon home of Christmas Pop Up Store

Pop Up Store BadooBadoo came from Moscow, Russia
to open a
Pop Up Gallery

Pop Up Store CasioCasio came from Tokyo, Japan
to open a
Casio Pop Up Store for the 30th anniverssary of G-Shock.

Pop Up Store Coca Cola Coca Cola came from Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Coca Cola launched
Coca Cola Creations at Cremerie de Paris.

Pop Up Store Fanta Fanta born in Germany came from Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Fanta organised the
Fanta Halloween Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris.

Fitbit Pop Up Store Fitbit, a division of Google came from San Francisco, California, USA
to present the latest Smart Watches at a
Fitbit Pop Up Store.
The technology company was fascinated by the long tech history of VB.

Just Eat Up Store Just Eat came from Amsterdam, Netherlands
to organised a
Just Eat Football Event at Cremerie de Paris,
home of the Phone Book of the World.

Pop Up Store SheinKlarna came from Stockholm, Sweden
to organise with for Shein a Summer Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris,
home of the Phone Book of the World.

Pop Up Store KonamiKonami came from Tokyo, Japan
to open a
Konami Pop Up Store to launch Metal Gears V.

Fashion Week Showroom Marc Cain Marc Cain came from Bodelshausen near Tuebingen, Germany
to organised several
Fashion Week Showrooms

Fashion Week Showroom MisbhvMisbhv came from Bodelshausen near Warsaw, Poland
to organised a
Fashion Week Showroom

Pop Up Store Netflix x League of LegendsNetflix came from San Jose, California, USA
to launch
League of Legends x Arcane at Cremerie de Paris.

Pop Up Store Nike Nike came from Beaverton, Oregon, USA
to open the Nike Barbershop.

Pop Up Store OmadaOmada came from Barcelona, Spain and from Paris, France
Omada Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris
for the Qatar World Cup.

Pop Up Store Onitsuka TigerOnitsuka Tiger came from Kobe, Japan and from Paris, France
for a
Onitsuka Tiger Birthday Party at Cremerie de Paris.

Pop Up Store L OrealL Oreal at home in Paris, France organised
L Oreal Stylista Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris

Pop Up Store Pokemon Pokemon came from Tokyo, Japan
to organised the first Pokemon Pop Up Store / Pokemon Center in Europe.
The waiting line almost went up to the Louvre

Pop Up Store Pokemon by Celio Pokemon returned with Celio from Paris, France
to organised a Pokemon by Celio Pop Up Store.
Many Pokemons already knowing Cremerie de Paris returned.

Pop Up Store Primark x NBA Primark came from Dublin, Ireland
to organised an Influencer cocktail for the launch of the NBA collection.

Pop Up Store Racer Worldwide Racer Worldwide came from Tallinn, Estonia
to organised the first Racer Worldwide Pop Up Store.
With a company founder only 20 years old they were the youngest brand to come so far.

Pop Up Store Real Me Pop RealMe came from Shenzhen, China
and opened a
Real Me Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris and Fnac Forum,
RealMe loves the links between Cremerie de Paris and
Alexander Bell

Pop Up Store RenaultRenault came from Boulogne Billancourt, France
to organised the
Renault Twingo Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris.

Pop Up Store Shein Shein came from came from Nanjing, China
to organised several
Fashion Pop Up Store
Shein loves all the fashion stories related to Cremerie de Paris.

Pop Up Store Sakamoto Days Shueisha comes from Tokyo, Japan and is the editor of Sakamoto Days
Glenat Editions form Grenoble, France helped to organise the Sakamoto Days Pop Up Store
at the home of another Book, the Phone Book of the World.

Pop Up Store SiemensSiemens came from Munich, Germany
to organised a
Siemens Pop Up Store / Siemens Connected Gallery

Pop Up Restaurant Sodexo Sodexo at home in Paris, France
organised the first
Sodexo Pop Up Restaurant at Cremerie de Paris

Pop Up Cafe Starbucks Starbucks came from
Seattle, Washington, USA
to organised a one day
Starbucks Pop Up Cafe at Cremerie de Paris,
for the Press Launch of Chilled Stackbucks available in supermarkets.

Pop Up Store SubwaySubway came from Milfort, Connecticut, USA
to organised the Cookieway Pop Up Cafe at Cremerie de Paris.

Pop Up Store Under Armour Under Armour came from Baltimore, Maryland, USA
to open the Under Armour Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris.

Pop Up Store Unilever Omo Unilever came from London, UK
to organised a
Omo Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris,
home of the Phone Book of the World.

TV Commercial Visa Visa came from San Francisco, California, USA
to shoot a Visa TV Commercial at Cremerie de Paris No1 and No9

Pop Up Store Weight Watchers Weight Watchers came from
NYC, New York, USA
to organised the
Weight Watchers Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris,

Physically present for a short moment only
all these Pop Ups are now part of the VB Story
Phone Book of the World
continues to make them
seen around the globe

Cremerie de Paris & VB
also a fashion story
Another Story that left
and returned

TV Commercial Visa1648 started the construction of the "Pavillon des Drapiers"
The Fashion Center located
on the grounds of the left side of today's Cremerie de Paris
11 rue des Dechargeurs, stays in place for 220 years.
It is the fashion hotspot in the Kingdom of France.
As a child Louis XIV watched it's construction.
His 3x great daughter-in-law, Marie Antoinette came for fashion meetings.

TV Commercial Visa1865 Pavillion des Drapiers had to go
as the construction of the future Halles de Paris foodmarket
bult under the reign of Napoleon III needed some of it's space.

TV Commercial VisaTV Commercial Visa 1868 opend at the exact same location a milk store Cremerie de Paris
Rue des Halles became the central avenue leading to the foodmarket.

TV Commercial Visa
1870 The Les Halles foodmarket project was finished,
but its head designer,
Empress Eugenie had to leave France
attacked by Bismarck the Second Empire falls.
Queen Victoria granted exile in the UK, where Eugenie lived for another 50 years.
As an old woman Eugenie transmits the fairytales around Cremerie de Paris
to Queen Victoria's grand children.

TV Commercial Visa 1910s The stories are so beautiful the young Romanovs loved them
so much they all wanted to travel to Paris to see Cremerie de Paris.
Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexei didn't survive the Russian Revolution.
but the fairytals survived with some of their cousins:
Dmitri Romanov, later boyfriend of Coco Chanel
and Carl Solms, later babysitter and great-uncle of the editor of this article.

End of a Story
1970 Departure of the famous Les Halles foodmarket,
real estate promotors destroy the Pavillons Baltard repaced by the Forum des Halles
Cremerie de Paris closes.

Return of a Story
When a story is really beautiful it always finds a way to survive.
Nothing was left from the Romanov fortunes,
except a touch of glamour.

Aimee de Heeren and Coco ChanelAimee de Heeren, Joe Kennnedy JrAimee de Heeren, Ben Solms The glamour was called Coco Chanel and her magical friend
Aimee de Heeren,
former WW2 secret service agent, resistant
and girlfriend of Joe Kennedy Jr (JFK's older brother)
Thanks to above mentioned Thurn & Taxis
a young student has the chance to Chanel's friend Aimee.
Half a century seperates the above pictures.

Alexander Bell Aimee liked to tell her young friend about a fascinating inventor
she had met when she was very young
but as her real age was her best kept secret
the "young" student had to wait for twenty years
until she would give him his name:
Alexander Bell, inventor of the phone ...

Bell had once told her
"To stay young, you need to have young friends"

1993 The above mentioned Sony Phones and a little jewel left by Coco Chanel
make it possible for Cremerie de Paris to reopen.

Walt Disney's movie Anastasia mentions a Music Box "Together in Paris"
The Music Box is Hollywod fiction
but what remained from our great aunt Anastasia
is Cremerie de Paris.

Today as if miracles have happened Cremerie de Paris
has reopened.
It changes all the time.
One Pop Up Store is just more beautiful than the other
making the iconic location become a
Meeting place of the World's most famous Brands

Spirit of fashion
and technology has returned

more details ...