A Kennedy Love Story from Meudon with an impact on WW2

Aiméé de Heeren (1903 - 2006) and Patrick Joseph Kennedy Jr (1915 - 1944)
a WW2 Love story that started in Meudon near Paris

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A Love story
that had an impact on WW2
Aimée de Heeren and Joe Kennedy Jr
and the Cedre Imperial Meudon

Rio de Janeiro 1930s

1919 Aimée Sotto Maior and her sister Vera arrive in Rio
She is the daughter of a school teacher from Parana.
She studies languages, English, Spanish, Italian, German
Everybody is captivated by her overwhelming beauty ...

1923 Getulio Vargas becomes a deputy and starting a political career

Getulio Vargas
1930 November 3 Getulio Vargas becomes provisional President of Brazil.
1933 January 30 Adolf Hitler seizes power in Germany and becomes Chancellor of Nazi German Reich.
1933 November 8 Franklin Delano Roosevelt becomes the 32nd President of the United States.

1936 November 27 Roosevelt comes to Brazil for a State Visit.
1937 Vargas turns into the President of the non democratic Brazilian "Estado Nuovo".

Aimee Sotto Maior / Aimee de Heeren with Getulio Vargas
Among the people surrounding the President is
Aimée Sotto Maior.

1934 September Aimée accompanies Luis Simoes Lopes
send to Berlin to meet the new German regime.
The minister of propaganda receives them.
They arrive from Zurich via a Zeppelin.

1937 Vargas is invited to make Brazil join the Axis Powers,
together with Germany, Italy and Japan.
Germany is a strong trade partner for Brazil
Vargas has a certain admiration for the new German regime.

1938 Before signing an alliance with the Axis powers
Vargas decides to send Aimée Sotto Maior to Paris
to conduct investigations around Europe.
Vargas doesn't trust the jugement of his different ambassadors in Europe.

Paris 1938

Aimée Sotto Maior / Aimée de Heeren
Aimée arrives in Paris like a bombshell.
Hi society is in rage that a woman of such beauty
covered with diamonds,
dressed in haute couture
shoping from one fashion designer to another
permanently living in Grand Hotels
has so much money
and all this without a husband,
something unthinkable at the time.

Hotel Plaza Athenee 1939
Aimée first residence in Paris
the Hotel Plaza Athenée, avenue Montaigne
followed by the Hotel Meurice, rue de Rivoli

According to Bettina Ballard,
editor in chief of Vogue France
"Hung with diamonds,
she was pushed from fittings to balls,
never allowed a moment for private conquest
because every hostess needed her
for her party
to prove that she could draw the lioness of the season."

Nobody imagins that the "wealthy South American heiress"
that is so into fashion and stylish parties
is in reality the daughter of a poor school teacherfrom Castro,
a small city in the state of Parana.
The government of Brazil pays for all her expenses
with a a special mission "secret service agent".

Coco Chanel with Dmitri Romanovlogo Chanel
Someone that really wants to know her is Coco Chanel.
Chanel doesn't realise that Aimée uses her to get connections and information.
Mademoiselle loves to be accompanied by Aimée when she goes out
making her meet her former boyfriend Dmitri Romanov,
Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway,
and many people you know from history books.

Escalier Cremerie de Paris
Gabrielle Chanel shows Aimée her little secrets,
a spectacular staircase next to Cremerie de Paris
with a N°5 forged into the railings.
A place where Louis XIV had spend parts of his childhoon.

Cèdre Imperial Meudon
There is also a magical tree in Meudon,
a beautiful small town between Paris and Versailles,
the Cedre Imperial Meudon.

11 - 15 rue de la Republique
According to legends from Russia
this tree that is of extreme beauty
has the power to transmit good energy.
He lives in Meudon 6.6 km from the Eiffel Tower
in the garden of the "Villa Les Cèdres";
11 - 15 rue de la Republique, once upon a time called rue Napoléon.

The legends come from Dmitri Romanov
Chanel's former boyfriend
who had grown up in St Petersburg.
Alexandra Feodorovna / Alix Hessen
told the children fairytales from France
she had heard as a child from
the old Empress Eugenie living in Britian in exile.

All the Romanov children wanted to travel to Meudon
to be able to touch the tree. They had a picture of the cedre
from their cousin Vladimir Paley that grew up in Boulogne sur Seine
and that had send them the above postcard (picture taken around 1900).

London 1938

US Ambassador KennedyKennedy Family
A glamorous American family occupies the American Embassy in London
Ambassador Patrick Joseph Kennedy (1888 - 1969)
married to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (1890 - 1995)

They have nine children that are sometimes around:
Joe Jr (Joseph Patrick) Kennedy Jr (1915 - 1944)
JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 - 1963)
Rosemary Kennedy (1918 - 2005)
Katheleen Kennedy Cavendish (1920 - 1948)
Eunice Kennedy Shriver (1921 - 2009)
Patricia Kennedy Lawford (1924 - 2006)
Robert Francis Kennedy (1925 - 1968)
Jean Kennedy Smith (1928 - 2020)
Ted (Edward) Kennedy (1932 - 2009)

Young John F Kennedy and Patrick Joseph Kennedy Jr
At an Embassy reception Aimée Sotto Maior meets the two sons of the Ambassador:
Patrick Joseph Jr and John Fitzgerald.

Helmuth James von Moltke
In London (probably in London) she also meets a German
from a family with long military traditions,
Helmuth James von Moltke (1907 - 1945).

The great uncle of Moltke was a famous Prussian General.
He also had non German roots
through his mother Dorothy Rose-Innes born in South Africa.
Moltke worked as a lawyer in Berlin.
and helped jewish business people to leave the country.

Well connected in Germany
Motke had bad news for Aimée
fully informing and documenting her about Hitlers
plans with the jewish population.

Paris / Meudon 1939

Aimée de Heeren
Back in Paris Aimée realises she has to do everything she could
to stop President Vargas to enter into an alliance with this horrible German regime.

From a Secret Service agent simply transmitting information
she turned into a Secret Anti Nazi activist.
To continue her work.
she had to keep that cover of a "superficial fashionista"
that understood nothing about politics.

Cedre Imperial Meudon
She returned to the magical cedar tree in Meudon
Chanel has shown her. Meditating in from of the tree
she tried to find the force to do the right things.
Aimée secretly rents a little room
in a house facing the magical tree.

The room gives her the possibility to eclipse from her
Professional Luxury Life in the Grand Hotels.

Aimée realises she needs to pass information on President Roosevelt.
She had met him in Rio but she did not have a personal contact.
Aimée needs to find help.

The two young Americans she had met in London might be the right ones.
She could feel that the boys had fancied her.
Sons of the US Ambassado they might be able
to get in touch with the Roosevelt Administration
to inform them about what she knew.

view observatoire Meudon
1939 February Patrick Joseph Kennedy Jr comes in Paris.
He connects with Aimée.
Aimée meets him at the Plaza Athenée
and then they take a long walk along the river Seine to Meudon.

She shows him the breathtaking view from the observatoire
from where you can see the southern Paris skyline, the Eiffel Tower
and the magical Cedre Imperial.
The walk continues to 11 rue de la Republique, home of the tree.

Aimée Sotto Maior / de Heeren and Patrick Joseph Kennedy JrCedre Imperial Meudon
Aimée takes the young Kennedy to the little room
she had rented as a hideaway.

This video shows the magical view on the Cedre Imperial
Aimée Sotto Maior and Joe Kennedy
watch the birds visiting the tree while the night comes to Paris.
In the background trains to Versailles cross the Meudon Viaduc.
and on the other side of the tree the Eiffel Tower.

Something happens
that should never happen to a Secret Service Agent.

They fall in Love.
A story that started next to the Cedre Imperial Meudon
6.6 km from the Eiffel Tower ...

At the time illumination of the tree was different.
Sparkeling ligts on the tower only exist since the millenum night
and many of the buildings you see in the skyline
had not been constructed.

In the morning Aime and Joe Jr watch the raise of the sun.

Joe stays a few days but he has to continue his journey to Perpignan.
They decide to see again as soon as possible.

Aimée de Heeren
Aimée continues her Secret Service Agent live in Paris,
going from one party to another,
accompanying Coco Chanel to events,
shopping fashion,
getting information
and creating a stirr wherever she arrives.

1939 July 1 Second Circus Ball Reception in Versailles

A book that illustrates Aimées live in France
was written by Charlie Scheibs
documenting the two fabolous
Circus Ball Parties given in Versailles
June 1938 and 1939 by Elsie de Wolfe / Lady Mendl.

Aimée Sotto Maior
Christian Dior, still an unknown designer working
for Robert Piguet partly owes his career to the fact that Aimée wore at the ball
a dress he had designed.
The exitement around Aimée attracts the attention of Marcel Boussac
who would later finance the launch of the House of Dior.

Hotel du Cap d' AntibesKennedy family Hotel du Cap
1939 July Aimée Sotto Maior and Joe Kennedy meet again on the côte d'Azur.
The Kennedy family reunite for vacation at the legendary Hotel du Cap.

Joe Kennedy Jr
1939 July Joe Kennedy on the beach near the Cap d'Antibes

Queen Victoria and Empress EugénieQueen Victoria and Empress Eugénie
1939 September 3 outbreak of World War 2
The picture shows the Kennedy boys and their sister Katheleen
on the way to the parliament where Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
makes a speach declaring war on Germany.
France follows the same day a few hours later.

Aimée continues her work which becomes more and more dangerous
as counter spys are all over Rio de Janeiro.
Someone might intercept her communications with President Vargas.
Germany is irritated that Vargas takes so long to joing the Axis coalition.

1939 November Aimée gets a warning to leave Paris immediatly.
Gerrman Counter spy agents are all over Rio de Janeiro
Her life is in danger.
Staying at the Hotel Meurice she leaves almost everything in her Hotel Room,
leaving for a few days to visit a friend in the a country.
The little room in Meudon helps to hilde.
People calling are told that Aimée is returning shortly.
Coco Chanel will need to wait 15 to 20 years before seeing her again.

According to Françoise Cochin
Robert de Billy arranged for Aimée to be driven to Le Havre
from where she and her sister Vera took an ocean liner to New York.
Her ticket was in the name of Madame Lopes.

New York / Palm Beach 1940 -1945
1939 November 24 the ship carrying Aimée arrived in New York.

Aimée continued to work as an agent for Vargas.
Based in New York it is less dangerous for Aimée to communicate with Vargas.
She uses her influence on the President to keep Brazil away from the Axis powers
and to slowly orient him to become a partner of the not jet formed Allies Coalition (United States / UK / de Gaulle).

The State of Brazil continues to provide financial ressources
so she and her sister Vera can settle in an elegant appartment on Park Avenue.

Aimée and Joe Kennedy meet again,
the beginning of a new mission.
Trying to influence decision makers in the US
to take action against Germany.

Aimée knows she has to get in touch with President Roosevelt.
She had already met him in Rio in 1936
but getting close to him is very difficult.

Aimée wants to meet Roosevelt to inform him about all she knoe from James von Moltke

Roosevelt persues a policy of neutrality
wanting to keep the United States out of the conflict.

Aimée knows that the economic power of the United States are necessary
to reverese balance of power in Europe.

1940 June 14 Germany army occupies Paris
1940 June 15 Germany army occupies Meudon

1940 June 18 Charles de Gaulle talks on BBC and invites people to join the "Forces françaises libres".

1940 October 22 Joe Kennedy Sr resigns from beeing from being the American Ambassador in the UK
and returns to the US.

1940 November 5 Roosevelt reelected President of the United States for the 2nd time.
He wins the election on the promise not to involve in the war taking place in Europe.

Queen Victoria and Empress Eugénie
In New York Aimée turns into a fashion icon
organising social events
where Lady Mendl (the woman that had thrown the Versailles Circus Ball Parties)
and Mona von Bismarck also participate.

With her boyfriend Joe Kennedy Jr she does everything to influence
US decision makers around the Roosevelt administation.
The world "cedar" is the secret code of their mission.

Queen Victoria and Empress Eugénie
1941 June Kennedy becomes part of the US Navy.

A lot of Aimées lobby work takes place in Palm Beach
where meets decicion makers.

1941 December 11 US President Roosevelt declares war on Germany.

1942 January 12 Time Magazine elects Aimée among the worlds 3 most elegant woman.
1942 August 22 Brazilian President Getulio Vargas declares war on Germany.

1943 February First reversal in World War 2
Germany loses the battle of Stalingard.


Queen Victoria and Empress Eugénie
1943 August French Resistants meet in the still existing Boulangerie Lepivain
32 rue de la Republique Meudon, close to the Crder Imperial.

1943 September Kennedy sent to Britain to become a member of Bomber Squadron.
He completed 25 combat missions.

1943 for one night French resistance fighters change
the street signs in Meudon Rue de la Republique
becomes Rue du General de Gaulle

1944 June 6 D-Day / Operation Neptune Allied troops land in Normandy.

1944 August 12 Operation Aprodite Joe Kennedy Jr and copilot Wilford Willy
flew a drone airplane with the mission to direct it into the Fortress of Mimoyecques,
an underground military complew near near Boulogne sur Mer on the coast of the North of France.
Misseles from that complex were targeted to reach London.

The pilots were expected to jump of the plane once it had reached a certain altitude
but the plane exploded prematurely
killing both of them.

Aimée keeps Joe Kennedy Jr in her heart
she stays in contact with the Kennedy family.

1944 August 24 liberalisation of Meudon
1944 August 25 liberalisation of Paris

1945 May 8 end of World War 2 in Europe

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President John F Kennedy

1960 November 8 John F Kennedy elected 35th President of the UnIted State
after a narrow battle against Richard Nixon (1913 - 1994)

1961 May 31 to june 2 John F Kennedy and Jacky Kennedy visit France

Queen Victoria and Empress Eugénie
1962 President Kennedy with his children Caroline and John
in the White House

1962 September 12 Speech "We choose to go to the Moon"

1963 November 22 President Kennedy killed in Dallas

1969 July 20 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the Moon

Many years later

Aimée de Heeren, Ben Solms
1986 June 7 the same Aimée Sotto Maior,
now called Aimée de Heeren meets a joung student, editor of this article.

The student is introduced to her at a birthday party in Bavaria.
Johannes von Thurn & Taxis, the host of the party tells him
"I want you to make a good impression on my friend from Brazil.
She could be a spectacular connection for your future."

Luckily Aimee had a large dress that needed to return to Paris.
Taking the dress back on the plane was a little complicated.
As the student had come by car he was asked the favor
to carry the dress back to France.
An opportunity to meet again and having an ice cream at the Hotel Meurice
followed the next week end by a drive to Fontainebleau
and 1986 august an invitation to Biarritz.

There is someting that captivated both of them.
Aimée and the young student knew some crazy stories
from a long time ago.
The stories happend at the Cremerie de Paris,
a milk store at the Les Halles foodmarket
and around a magical cedar tree in Meudon near Paris.

The stories came from Russia
Aimée knew them through her friends Coco Chanel and Dmitri Romanov,
the editor of this article through his great uncle and great aunt
that were his baby sitters when he was a child.

The student had no idea about Aimées real age,
a secret she kept until the last days of her life.
There was quite an age difference
but impossible to imagine the age difference would be the double of what he had thought.

No idea his new friend was one of WW2 most important Secret Service agent
and that she had influenced the Presidents of two countries
to take action against the German Reich.

A friendship that would last.

Ben Solms, Aimée de Heeren
Living between the New York, Palm Beach, Paris and Biarritz
Aimes was in the French capital
in the months of june, september, october and november
and in Biarritz july and august.

Joe Kennedy Jr Meudon
From time to time she asks the student to drive her to the beautiful small town of Meudon
When arriving in Meudon
the car is parked in the former botanical garden of the Villa Les Cedres,
now partly converted into a parking space.

Aimée puts her arm around the tree.
The editor of this article is not allowed to talk to her
while she is meditating and absorbing good energy.

Unfortunately Aimée had no longer acces to the room
with the magical view which - a long time ago - had fascinated
her and the young Joe Kennedy Jr.
So she could only describe
it's overwhelming view.

Sometimes a friend came along.
Mostly visitors from Brazil or from the US.
Or Mademoiselle Jourdan
a rather annoying Lady that had worked in fashion.
Madameoiselle Jourdan that followed us in her own car
was driving so dangerously that several
accidents could have happened every time.

Once a rfascinating gentlement
Joe's young brother Ted Kennedy
who frequently came to visit Paris.

He stayed at the Ritz.

Too bad the editor of this article did not ask
if he could record the conversation in the car,
it would be a historic document today.

After visiting the Cedre Imperial the trip continues to the parc de Saint Cloud.

2002 November 19 a reception in the Paris Musee de Arts Decoratifs
something a little surrealistic happened.
The expo was about the dresses Jacky Kennedy wore while see was at the White House.
Jacky's daughter Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg,
her sister Lee Radziwill and her brother in law Ted Kennedy
came for the inauguration.

Ted Kennedy, Aimée de HeerenAimée de Heeren, Kennedy
Walking around the cocktail of the Expo Opening night
Françoise Dumas, a Paris Event organiser
comes to Aimée telling her that
the Senator Kennedy had requested to see her.
The editor of this article and Aimée are directed to a seperate room.

Bernadette Chirac (wife of the still very much loved president Jacques Chirac)
and the hostess of the event Liliane Bettencourt
are waiting to meet the Senator.
Aimée and the editor of this article are sitting in a corner
talking to Caroline Kennedy and her husband.
The conversation is about Carolines late grandmother Rose Kennedy (1890 - 1995)
who had become a friend of Aimée .

Suddendly to door opens,

The Senator arrives with his daughter Kara.

He is so exited to see Aimée he completely forgets
to great the official Ladies that are waiting for him.

He drops a kiss to Aimée
and tells his daughter Kara and his nice Caroline

"Aimée did not only facinate your oncle Joe Jr,
(that had died before they were born)
but also JFK,
and your grandfather."

Whenever Aimée was in Palm Beach
the Kennedy House was completely crazy.
In Palm Beach Aimée lived on 473 North County Road.
The Kennedy house also called the "Winter White House"
was on 1095 North Ocean Boulevard.

The conversation continued
with Ted and Aimée singing Brazilian songs
they used to sing half a century before
when Ted was a teenager.

Aimée de Heeren with Ted Kennedy
The story sounds a little surrealistic,
only Bernadette Chriac or Caroline Kennedy
would be able to witness it tody.

Besides two tiny snapshot the editor of this article took at the time,
there were no pictures.
(The lost orginals reapperaed in Germany 2021 june 12)

Cèdre Impérial à Meudon
This article came alive because
a real estate project circulates around the beautiful city of Meudon.
The magical Cèdre Impérial is supposed to be cut down
to make space for a building.

Some officials push the lovely little towns around Paris
to urbanise and let real estate promotion
replace magical old houses, gardens, trees

The Cedre Imperial is one of these trees in danger ...

2021 May 8 Anniversary of the end of World War 2
The editor is reading a fascinating book from Emmanuelle Declerck
that documents what has happened in Meudon during WW2.

Wasn't this the moment to bring to paper
the Aimée & Joe Kennedy story that started in Meudon
and had a real impact on WW2.

Aimee had told the editor of this article a lot about Joe Kennedy Jr.
He could feel that - over half a century later -
she still loved him.
He had seen a few pictures
but after Aimée had left this world
he had never seen them again ...

Nobody might might beleive him.

Time to research images on the internet.
2021 May 8 almost midnight
on Getty images
thanks to Bertrand Rindoff Petroff
a famous Paris Event photographer

Embed from Getty Images
The editor of this article
found something.
Oups it was not a picture of Joe and Aimee
but a picture of himself with Joes niece and JFK daughter Caroline Kennedy
The last image of the Panorama shows Aimée in the background
right next to Caroline Kennedy.
More pictres on Getty Images
With time more pictures will probably reappear.
(in case you have someting just drop an emai b "at" vb.com)

Caroline Kennedy talking about her father
on the occasion of his 100th birthday

The man from the Moon

Two names that remain from the Kennedy Presidency outshining aveybodu else ...
are Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
even though Kennedy couldn't see them walk on the Moon.

Buzz Aldrin by Neil ArmstrongBuzz Aldrin with Aimée de Heeren and Ben Solms, Paris rue de Varenne January 2000
Buzz Aldrin was kind of fascinated by Aimée
not only beaucause of personality
but also because of her life
being connected to President Kennedy, the man
that had taken the decision to send him on the Moon.

1999 - 2005 Buzz and Lois Aldrin used to come to Paris many times
and the editor of this article
had the chance to take them visiting
Paris and the beautiful surroundings of the city.
Mrs Aldrin just loved the Cedre Imperial Meudon
and all its fairytales linked to so much history
and the gardens of Versailles.

Cedre Meudon
Lois Aldrin always told us to make a movie about the Cedre Imperial
She was fascinated by the two centuries of history linked the tree,
the fact that the Cedar was a fairy tale for the Romanov children.
She also knew from Aimée that it was linked to Joe Kennedy Jr.

Ben Solms, Lois Aldrin, Buzz Alsrin
For the Aldrins the Cedre Imperial was a symbol
of the French American friendshiop in difficult times.
They also loved the park of Versailles.
Above picture shows them with the editor of this article.

Two weeks before arriving
the editor received an email.
"We are coming to Paris, we are staying at the Ritz.
These are our numbers (at least 4 numbers were listed).
Do you want to organise something with us ?
Lois and Buzz"

When in Paris Buzz and Lois were like teenagers
enjoying to be in France.
Writing this article was discovered a lovely video
about Lois added at the end.

2006 September 19 Aimée Sotto Maior / Aimée de Heeren dies in New York.
2009 August 25 Ted Kennedy dies in Hyannis Port.

2011 January Cremerie de Paris turns into a Brand Expo Location
2012 November We buy the little room in Meudon with it's magical view on the Cedar
as a souvenir of Aimée de Heeren and Joe Kennedy Jr.
2018 July 17 Lois Aldrin dies in Salt Lake City

The movie Mrs Aldrin had suggested to make
has not been made yet,
but meeting Mr and Mrs Aldrin
had an influence of the 1999 invention
of the Phone Book of the World.
2021 march the magical Cedre Imperial moved on it's homepage
so that it's view on the Eiffel Tower
can send good energy from France to the World.

Phone Book of the World

Cèdre Impérial Meudon, Phone Book of the World

Finding people through directories is not always easy.
The Cedar is there to give the users of the Phone Book of the World
energy to keep seraching if finding someone is difficult.

Visit the Cedre Imperial

Cèdre Impérial  Meudon, owned by the city of Meudon, Major Denis Larghero

Cèdre Impérial Meudon
11 rue de la République
92190 Meudon

height: 37 m
circumference: 4,81 m
wingspan: 22 m
tabular form: exceptional
age: around 220 years

life expectancy: several centuries

state of health: vigorous,
the tree would need more water
as the parking spaces arount it
have been covered with bithume.

owner: the city of Meudon,
Major Denis Larghero
value: priceless

Cèdre Impérial  Meudon, owned by the city of Meudon, Maior Denis Larghero

The Brazilian Whitepages show
the Cedre Imperial on their homepage.

In Brazil the Imperial Cedar Meudon
is the most famous tree from France
linked to a woman that stoped the country
to join Germany during WW2

Geo Point: 48.81038 - 2.236599

public transport from Paris
RER C to Versailles Chateau - station Meudon Val Fleury

"When looking at the tree
about the Aimee & Joe Kennedy Jr Love Story."

If Aimée had not been around
Brazil would most probably have
have allied with Germany.

And if Joe Kennedy Jr had not helped her
to get connections in the US
pushing decision makers
to take action
the US would have taken much longer
to enter WW2 ...

Hard to image how much more
damage WW2 would have left ...

In some way
the Cedre Imperial Meudon
is also a living monument
of Resistance in France

even though one of the resistance fighters
was Brazilian
and the another one American ...

Would it be sad
to sacrify such an iconic monument
for a real estate project ?

Cèdre Impérial à MeudonCèdre Impérial à Meudon
Cèdre Impérial à MeudonCèdre Impérial à Meudon

Save the Cedre Imperial

Cèdre Impérial  Meudon, owned by the city of Meudon, Maior Denis Larghero

Cèdre Impérial Meudon
11 rue de la République
92190 Meudon

Denis Larghero, the Major of Meudon
remembering the end of WW2 (in French - 2021)

Mr Larghero is the present major of the city of Meudon,
owner of the Cedre Imperial.
His speech is very charming (it is in French)
mentionning the French and Non French Resistant fighters
that helped to liberate France.

Cèdre Impérial à Meudon
Unfortunatly Denis Larghero doesn't mention
the role the Cedre Imperial Meudon has played
to give energy to resistants
to chase the Nazis from France.

Video from the GNSA
that is trying to protect the legendary Cedre Ipmerial
the advisors of Denis Larghero want to cut.

projet construction 11 rue de la République à Meudon
Instead some of his advisors
want to cut the tree
to replace it by a new municipal building.

While Meudon was still occupied by the Nazis
during one night the street signs
of Rue de la Republique
were changed into Rue du General De Gaulle.

We would now need the help of de Gaulle
to save the magical tree.

Below Music Video was made
to show the Cedre Imperial in relation to it's +200 year long history.

As Aimée de Heeren never tried to be in the public eye
her relation with Joe Kennedy Jr
is not known.

Only Caroline Kennedy and some of her cousins
might know the story from their uncle Ted.
The editor of this article knows to from Aimée herself.
The tree might have woken it up
and lost photographs start to reappear ...

"Denis Larghero,
please don't cut this tree
to a Story
that had a major impact on World War 2.

Without the Aimée de Heeren
and Joe Kennedy Jr Story
the war might have taken much longer ...

It was very difficult to get President Roosevelt
change his mind
and to make him understand
that the help of the United States was needed.

It's Resistance story that started in Meudon
and that played
a key role in WW2

Think about Joe Kennedy Jr
that lost hios life to liberate France
The Cedre Imperial should be protected
as a historic Monument.

This might be more important
than the "optimisation"
of your real estate portfolio.

There are so many other places in Meudon
that could host the municipal services
your advisors wish to install
on the grounds of the tree.

have a look at the paintings
children have made to save the tree

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Vidéos et Articles connected to the Cèdre Impérial:

Video about the landscape architect André Lenotre by City of Meudon (in French - 2019)

(5.02 min) Interview between the tree specialist Philippe Bossert
and Ben Solms (Phone Book of the World) about the sanitary situation of the Cedre Imperial Meudon,
a symbol of WW2 resistance (in French - 2021)

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The Moon on Instagram

(1.52 min) Trailer Apollo II new documentary (2019)

(13.04 min) Video about the lovely Lois Diggs Canon Aldrin,
wife of Buzz Aldrin, friend of Aimée de Heeren and Ben Solms

Neil Armstrong.com
Buzz Aldrin.com

In case you have more stories about the Cedre Imperial,
about Aimee de Heeren or about Joe Kennedy Jr
please contact the Phone Book of the World

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