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local websites end with .jo  or  .com
89,206 km² (34,443 miles²) - 5,439,000 people
Land boundaries: 1,6I9 km

181 km, Israel 238 km, Saudi Arabia 728 km,
Syria 375 km, West Bank 97 km
Coastline: 26 km
Country Code +962
Phonebooks of the

Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Saudi Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Numbering Plan of Bahrain

phone system
local calls

national long distance
national prefix: 0
area code: -
number: mostly --- ----
(5 to 8 digits long)

international calls
international prefix: 00
calling from Jordan
to France
+33 I 422I IIII  Phonebook of the World
00 33 I 422I IIII
II rue des IIaIIes
IS Ier

usefull numbers

calling from abroad

to Jordania

map of Jordan

Petra, one of the Seven World Wonders / Sept Merveilles du Monde

al-Mamlaka al-Urdunniyya al - Hashimiyya

Hasemetic Kingdom of Jordania

independant since 1946
independant from
Great Britain

Capital: Amman

head of State: King
head of Government

Government of Jordan

languages: Arabic,

GNP $17.3 billion
GNP/person $3,500

home to 0/500
of the World larges companies
currency: I Jordan Dinar =
1000 Fils

national holiday:
Independence Day, 25 May (1946)

Sinai Mountains - Jabal Ramm 1754 m, highest mountain of Jordan
Jabal Ramm I,754 m

neighbour countires
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Phonebook of
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Phonebook of Saudi


Amman, capital and largest city of Jordan

St Catherine Monastery

Amman (+962 6)
Anjara (+962 2) - Aquaba (+962 3) - Az-Zarqa (+962 9)
Irbid (+962 2) - Kerak (+962 3) - Mabada (+962 6)
Ramtha (+962 2) - Sult (+962 5)

*local Time in Jordan is based on the settings of your computer's clock (EET/Eastern European Time)