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3.0) Google Pages (Uk)
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3.1) Residential Whitepages
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The Phonebook United Kingdom   by
The Phone Book

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3.7) call Directory Inquiry

In Uk Directory Assistance Services
are provided by

BT new 118 500
118 119
0900 2 I92 I92

from a Mobil phone
Orange 777

since August 2003 no more 192 !

It is impossible to Call above Numbers
from outside the UK

3.8) Other Whitepages
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(Private People)

Eiffel Tower

White Pages
since the 1880s
just like the
Eiffel Tower

most common names in the UK

1. Smith
2. Jones
3. Williams
4. Taylor
5. Davies
6. Brown
7. Wilson
8. Evans
9. Thomas
10. Johnson
11. Roberts
12. Walker
13. Wright
14. Robinson
15. Thomson
16. White
17. Hughues
18. Edwards
19. Green
20. Lewis

Map of the UK

flag of Ireland

Renault at Cremerie de Paris,
historic Telecom Hotspot since 1671
and home of Phone Book of the World

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