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local internet code or .com
7,682,300 km² (2,966,153 miles²) - 18,054,000 people
Land boundaries: 0 km
Coastline: 25,760 km
Country Code +61

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Numbering Plan of Australia

phone system

local calls ?

national long distance
national prefix: ?
area code: --- ??
(always ? digits)
number: --- ---- ??
(always ?digits)

international calls
international prefix: 00
calling from Australia
to France

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Phonebook of the World
+33 I 422I IIII  Phonebook of the World
00II 33 I 422I IIII
II rue des IIaIIes
IS Ier

usefull numbers
australian operator I2455
inpossible to call the operator from
outside Australia
international operator
(call from inside Australia)
Fire ?
Police ?

calling from abroad

to Australia

map of Australia

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area code indicate the States to which they belong
there is no central number I,
2 stands for East coast
3 for the very South
7 for Queensland
and 8 for the Center and the West Coast

Phonebook of South

of Australia

Capital: Canberra

Government of Australia
seat of the Prime Minister of Australia
Prime Minister

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Arts & Culture
Ministry of Education


GNP/2000 $ 446 billion
GNP/person $ 23,200/year
currency: I Austral $ = I00 cents

home to 0 out of the I00
home to 7 out of the 500
largest companies of the World

national holidays:
Australia Day
Jan 26 (1788)

Mount Kosciuszko 2229m, highest Mountain of Australia
Mount Kosciuszko 2,229 m


6 States and 2 Territories
and some Islands

Discover Sydney, largest city of Australia, capital of the state New South Wales (4,284,000 people)

Discover Melbourne, 2nd largest city of Australie, capital of the state of Victoria (3,800,000 people)