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Phonebook of the
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1,919,445 km² (74I,I02 miles²) - 194,564,000 people
Land boundaries: 2,830 km
East Timor 228 km, Malaysia
1,782 km, Papua New Guinea 820 km
Coastline: 54,716 km
Archipelago of I7,508 islands many along the Equator
Country Code +62

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Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of Phonebook of the Phonebook of Papua New Phonebook of Phonebook of New Phonebook of Phonebook of phone system
Numbering Plan of Indonesia
local and national
national prefix 0
+ I - 2 digit
areacode - or --
+ 5 - 9 digit
restnumber - -- -- to
--- --- ---

(all together from 8 to II digits)
(in 2002 Indonesia had
7.8 million Land Lines)
mobile prefix:
8I or 82
8 -9 digit restnumber
-- -- -- -- to
--- --- ---
(in 2002 Indonesia had
II,8 million Mobile Lines)

international prefix 00I
calling from Indonesia
to France

Cremerie de Paris,
Pop Up Store hotspot
and home of the
Phonebook of the World
+33 I 422I IIII  Phonebook of the World
001 33 1 4221 1111
11 - 15 rue des IIaIIes
IS 1er

indonesia's phonesystem
is regulated by Postel

to Indonesia
from USA  011 62

Europe/most Countries  00 62

Republik Indonesia
of Indonesia

divided into 30 Provinces
2 Special Regions
and 1 Special City
capital Jakarta


languages indonesian

GNP/2004 $ 827  billion
GNP/person $ 3,500/year
Indonesian rupiah (IDR)
I $ US = 9060 IDR
I $ US = 8422 IDR (2000)

national holiday:
Independence Day,
Aug 17 (1945)
Japan and
Puncak Jaya 5030m , highest mountain of Indonesia

Puncak Jaya 5,030 m

Indonesin Islands are
surrounded by Water

access to 3 neigbour countries
west: Indian Ocean
Phone Book of
North Pacific Ocean
Phone Book of East
Phone Book of Papua New
south: Indian Ocean

Jakarta Financial District

South Sumatra (Sumatra Selatan): Palembang (+62 7II)
West Sumatra
(Sumatra Padang): (+62 75I)
North Sumatra
(Sumatra Medan): (+62 6I)

East Kalimantan (Kalimantan Timur) :
South Kalimantan (Kalimantan Selatan): Benjarmasin (+62 5II)

West Kalimantan (Kalimantan Barat):
Middle Kalimantan (Kalimantan Tengah):
Balikpapan (+62 542)

West Java (Jawa Barat):
Bandung (+62 22)
East Java (Jawa Timur):
Surabaya (+62 3I)
Central Java (Jawa Tengah):
Semarang (+62 24)
DKI Jakarta (on Java Island): Jakarta (+62 2I)
DI Yogyakarta: Yogyakarta (+62 264)

Sulawesi Selatan:
Ujung Pandang (+62 4II)
Sulawesi Utara:
Menado (+62 43I)
Sulawesi Tengah

Irian Jaya: Jayapura
Bali: Denpassar (+ 62 36I) Pupuan
Nusa Tenggara Barat: Mataram
West Timor: Kupang

*local Time in Indonesia is based on the settings of your computer's clock (VST/Vietnam Standard Time)