Phonebook of
Phonebook of the
Distance from Earth:
227,940,000 km
closest Planet to Earth

144,798,465 km²
(0.284 Earths)

Rotation Period:
1.025957 days
Phonebook of
.no local Internet code yet
diameter 17,596 miles (6,794 km), 27% of the diameter of the Earth
0 people
first landing Sep 3 1975 US Viking 2
first human visit expected between 2030 and 2035
Country Code +83*
Mars Sunset
Mars Sunset
picture taken from Earth
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Phonebook of the
Phonebook of
Phonebook of the

*by today almost all possible country (telephone) codes have been issued ...
it is only among the codes starting with 8,
used for countries in North Asia
( Phonebook of North
that the codes
+83 and +89 are still available

in 1984 the code
+87 was assigned for International Satellite phonesystems
if there should ever be phones on the Moon, the the country code might either be
+83 or +89 .....