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Whitepages.co.nz is a directory edited
from Auckland, New Zealand
604 Great South Road Penrose.

The directory is part of YPG / Yellow Pages Group,
(until 2006 called TDL / Telecom Directories Limited).
The company was founded in 1988.
Until 2007 it was owned by Telekom New Zealand
(2014 renamed to Spark New Zealand).

Telekom New Zealand is the historic
NZ phone company and was initially
part of the PTT (previously the Post and Telegraph Department)
divided in 1987 into NZ Post, Telekom and Post Office Bank.
Today Spark (Telekom) is a private corporation
and New Zealand's largest Telecom Operator.

1996 October 22 registration of the Whitepages.co.nz domain.
Telekom Directories is one of the first publisher in the world
to launch their White Pages on the internet.
Whitepages.co.nz  form 1997

The expressions White Pages and Yellow Pages
go back to the late 1880s,
just a few years after Alexander Bell had invented the phone (1876),
Thomas Edison the electric light bulb (1879)
and while Gustave Eiffel was working on his Eiffel Tower (1887-1889).

The expression White Pages is the International standard
for Residential Telephone Directories.
used in over 120 countries all around the World.

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