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329,565 km² (I27,246 miles²) - 74,545,000 people
Land boundaries: 4,639 km
Cambodia I,228 km, China I,28I km, Laos 2,I30 km
Coastline: 3,444 km (excludes islands)
Country Code +84
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phone system
Vietnam Numbering Plan
local calls

national long distance
national prefix: 0
area code: --
number: --- ---
(always ? digits)

international calls
international prefix: 0

calling from Vietnam
+33 I 422I IIII Phonebook of the World
in Paris/France
0 33 I 422I IIII
II rue des IIaIIes
IS Ier

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to Vietnam

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map of Vietnam
Socialist Republic of Vietnam

reunited since I975
after Vietnam War
in I954 divided into North Vietnam
and South Vietnam

had become
French colony in I883
was part of French Indochina
under Chineese occupation for about a I000 years

Capital: Ha Nôi

divided into ? regions
? Provinces
? Municipalities

head of state:

Premier Ministre:
Government of Vietnam

languages Vietnameese
Chineese, French, English

GNP $154.4 billion
GNP/person $1,950
GNP/person    $240/year

currency I Dong = I00 Xu

Fan Fi Pan
Fan Si Pan 3,I43 m

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Phonebook of
Phonebook of
est: South Chineese Sea
south: South Chineese Sea

Phonebook of North

Binh Dinh (+84 56) - Da Nang (+84 5I)
Ha Nôi (+84 4)- Hai Phong (+84 3I)
Hoa Binh (+84 I8) - Ho Chi Minh (+84 8)
Hue (84 54) - Lao Cai (+84 20)


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