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Numbering Plan of France
local and national :
national prefix 0
+ 1 digit areacode:
1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 + restnumber .. .. .. ..
(always 10 digits)
(in 2003 France had
33.9 million Land Lines) mobils
mobile prefix: 6 + restnumber .. .. .. ..
(in 2003 France had 41,7 million Mobile Lines)
the French phonesystem is logic ... there are 6 zones:
1 for the capital Paris + region,
2 for North West,
3 for North East,
4 for South East,
5 for South West,
6 for Mobils

international prefix 00
example: calling from France to NY/USA 00 1 212
Renseignements Telephoniques.com 118 712

Emergency 15
Police 17
Fire 18

calling to France : +33 x xx xx xx xx

phonesystem regulated by ART

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République Française
Republic of France
flag of France
divided into 102 Departements
Capital : Paris

President : Emmanuel Macron (since 2017 Mai)
Government of France
Languages : French
in the Pays Basque: also Basque in Alsace still some German.
Economy : currency: 1 (Euro) was 6.55957 Francs
GNP/2000 $ 1,448 billion
GNP/person $ 24,400/year
(1 French Francs was 100 Centimes)
National Holiday : French Revolution July 14 (1789)

Geography : Mont Blanc 4,807 m
Mont Blanc, highest Mountain of France
3 coasts : Atlantic, Mediteranian, North See (Manche)
longest river Rhone largest lake Lac L?man (also Switzerland)

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EU founder - local websites : .fr or .com
Area : 543 965 km? - (20 026 miles?)
Population : 66 990 000 people
Land boundaries : 2 889 km
Andorra - 56,6 km
Belgium - 620 km
Germany - 451 km
Italy - 488 km
Luxembourg - 451 km
Monaco - 4,4 km
Spain - 623 km
Switzerland - 573 km
the UK - Eurotunnel, 3427 km
Coastline: 2,389 km
Country Code +33

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France has 20 Régions
subdivided into 102 Départements,
subdivided into 3578 Cantons
and 324 Arrondissements

inside the cantons 36.447 Communes
some are located outside Europe.

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France is the home of Renault
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France is the home of Sodexo
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