Cedre Imperial Meudon - a magical tree 6.6 km from the Eiffel Tower that spreds good energy

Cedre Imperial Meudon (Imperial Cedar)
Legendary Tree in Meudon, 6,6 km from the Eiffel Tower

Present of Empress Josephine
the Tree is sourrounded by legends and fairytales.
The cedar is beleived to be able
to transmit strenth and good energy


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Timeline of an iconic tree
under construction

Josephine de Beauharnais fascinated by Cedar Trees
First French Empire

Josephine et Napol?on Ier
1799 after buying the Chateau de Malmaison
Josephine de Beauharnais (1763 - 1814)
the young wife of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821)
wants to turn the parc into a unique Botanic garden with an impact on all of Europe.

Rare plants come from ever corner of the globe.
Josephine requensts the fauna and the flore from the most remote places.

She has a particular passion for one plant.
Lebanon Cedars, known for their extreme longvity
beeing able to reach 500 years or more.

1800 Josephine has a cedar planted facing her Chateau de Malmaison.
The tree is called "le Cedre de Marengo"

cedre Redoutec?dre Redoute
Fascinated by Cedars Josephine also likes to offer them to her friends.
On 5 rue du Cedreon the border of the towns of Meudon and Clamart
lives the "Cedre Redoute".
The wife of Napoleon 1er has offerent it to her drawing teacher,
the peinter and rose expert Pierre Joseph Redoute.
She wanted to thank Redoute for his help creating the Roseraie of Mailmaison.

Cedre Imperial Meudon rue Napoleon

Cedre Imperial in Meudon
Facing the hill of the Cedre Redoute, in the heart of Meudon Centre
lives the "Cedre Imperial"

1799 - 1805 Estimated plantation date of the Cedre Imperial
located on rue Napoleon.

Cedre Imperial de Meudon
1815 image of Rue Napoléon (collection Commite de Sauvegarde des Sites de Meudon)

You can recognise the still exisiting wall seperating
the property of the General Jacqueminot from the road.
The Cedre was planted on a property facing the current No 8 and No 6
ot the street.

The name of the street changed with the political situation in France.
1815 a year after the death of Napoleon 1
"Rue Napoleon"
was renamed "Rue des Princes".
The names chages again

3m13 Video about Napoleon I by Chateau de Versailles (fr)

Cedre Imperial Meudon rue Napoleon in Meudon
A mythem raises around the Cedre Imperial
Second French Empire

Eugenie et Napol?on III
Le Second Empire arrives
1848 Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (1808 - 1873),
nephew of Napoleon 1er becomes the President of the 2nd Republique
replacing the Monarchy of July with under King Louis Philippe
1852 Napoleon Bonaparte becomes Emperor Napoleon III
1853 january 29 Eugenie de Montijo (1826 - 1920)
marries Napoleon III and becomes the Empress of the French.

52min04 Video in French on Napoleon III by Adyl Abdelhafidi

General Jacqueminot
General Jean Francois Jaqueminot
(1787 - 1865)
and his family
live right opposite the relatively young Cedre Imperial Meudon
Jacqueminot has a magical parc where he cultivated roses.

the precise geographic location where the tree has been planted:
geographic point 48.81038 - 2.236599

General Jacqueminot
Empress Eugenie had never met Empress Josephine nor Napoleon 1st
She is interested by them and needs someone outside the family
to educated her on the history of the First Empire,
in particular the private life of the oncle and the aount of her husband.

The General Jacqueminot is a retired compagnon of Napoleon I lives in Meudon.
Eugenie visits the General to talk about Napoleon I ...
Josephine's passion for botanic plants and Cedar Trees captivate Empress Eugenie.
This is how she discovers the Cedre Imperial
facing the Jacqueminot property.

The Jacqueminot family has an admiration for this tree.
Sophie Angelique Jacqueminot (1792 - 1864) told the Empress
about the tree's magical power to transmit good energy and longevity
to people that liked him.

Eugenie that was very spirital starts to get attached to the tree.
She starts to visit him to meditate when she lives in the nearby Chateau de Saint Cloud.
Sometimes she also visits the magical cedar from the Palais des Tuileries,
her Paris residence.

Eugenie shows the tree to some of her confidentes,
but of course she could not tell the general public
that she cummunicated with a tree.

Imagine a President of France having a strong relation
with a tree or even with a bird or a dog,
he would not talk about this in public.

Queen Victoria and Empress Eugenie
1855 Eugenie shows the tree to Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901)
and tells her friend about the trees secrets.

The Cedre Imperial is only 15 min
from the chateau de Saint Cloud.
The two Ladys hugged the treeand but their arms around him
so that he should give them
the good energy he is beleived to be able to transmit.

13min50 Video sur la Reine Victoria by Lindsay Holiday (en)

Victoria has a lot of influence on Eugenie
Did you know that the project of the famous Pavillons Baltard in the center of Paris
were completely changed because Victoria had shown Eugenie
a new construction in London made with never before seen glass walls,
the Crystal Palace.

Napoleon III, the Baron Haussmman and Victor Baltard
that worked on renewing the Paris Les Halles foodmarket
had aldready constructed a first Pavillon built all in stone.

When Eugenie saw it she mad everybody change their mind
and the Pavillons Baltard were completely reimagined
by the same architecty .... all in steel and glass.

1865 the General Jacqueminot dies
He has left his name to a rose, called "Rosa General Jacqueminot"
and to an avenue in Meudon which goes along his former property.

After his death the Meudon propery was split into smaller grounds.
The houses that were build there are extremly beautiful and are sourrounded by
the Avenue Jacqueminot,
the Rue de la Republique (once the Rue Napoleon)
the rue du General Gouraud which was a private path inside the property
and the rue du Docteur Babie.

The long wall that goes from the Lycee Institut Notre Dame
to the place du Rabelais, facing the cedar, is still there.

Form most of the houses
the magical Cedre Imperial can bee seen

1870 France was attacked by Bismark
envious to take Alsace Lorrainne
and the Second Empire fell.
France becomes a Republic.

Eugenie was granted exile in the United Kingdom.

1873 january 9 Napoleon III dies
1879 june 1 death of the Prince Imperial,
Louis Napleon, Eugenies only child.
Eugenie and Victoria stayed friends all her life.

1883 The 3rd Repiblic tries to erace memories
of the French Empire.
The street in Meudon is renamed "Rue de la Republique".

1887 May 12 - 23 The French Crown Jewels are sold.

The legend of the Cedre Imperial Meudon
survive in the United Kingdom

cedre imperialold Empress Eugenie
Eugenie continues to live for another 50 years
In the United Kingdom keeps telling the fairytales of the Cedre Imperial
to young children,
thus transmitting the legends to later generations.

20min31 the life of Eugenie told by Jean des Cars (in French)

Alix Hessen and Empress Eugenie
1880 The child most connected to Eugenie
is the granddaughter of Queen Victoria.
Alix Hessen (1872 - 1918).
Having lost her mother she is particularly capitvated
by Eugenie's beautiful stories from France
Eugenie has more time for Alix than her grandmother Victoria.

The most beautiful storied from France go around
Cremerie de Paris / Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon
a place where Louis XIV had spend parts of his childhood.
After the construction of the chateau de Versailles
Cremerie de Paris turned into
an avant-garde Telecommunications company,
La Poste Royale
where was later invented the Phone Book of the World.com

The Cedre Imperial de Meudon
with it's magical power to give strengh
to humans was also part of Eugenies stories.

The young Romanov children
love the Cedre Imperial Meudon

Anastasia RomanovAlexei Romanov with his mother
1894 November 26 Alix Hessen had married Nicolas II of Russia.
She repeats Eugenie's fairy tale stories about the Imperial Ceder
to her own children.

Romanov children with their mother
All the Romanov children want to travel to France
so that they would see the famous les Halles Centrales foddmarket,
Cremerie de Paris, the Pavillons Baltard
and they wanted to go to Meudon
to be able to hugh the magical Cedre Imperial.

propri?t? 11 rue de la Republique
You can see the Cedre Imperial
in the background of this photo taken around 1900.
While the tree in the front does no longer exist
you can also see the still exisiting wall of the Jacqueminot property.

Vladimir Paley and the Cedre Imperial Meudonpropriete 11 rue de la Republique
1910s One of the cousins of the Romanov children
Vladimir Paley (1887 - 1918) lived in Boulogne sur Seine
2 Boulevard Victor Hugo Boulogne sur Seine not far from the Cedre Imperial
(the house still exists but the name of the street changed to
4 avenue Robert Schumann, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt).
Anastasia Romanov always asked Vladimir
to visit the tree and to tell her about it.

You might know some of the movies made about Anastasia Romanov
But did you know that the little girl always wanted
to be able to hug the magical tree ?
Walt Disney Film Studios created a "music box".
While the "music box Together in Paris is Hollywood fiction,
a real "music boxes" exist
it is the "Cedre Imperial Meudon"
or the "Cremerie de Paris".

1918 July 16 the five Romanov children were killed
Olga (1895 - 1918), Tatiana (1897 - 1918),
Maria (1899 - 1918), Anastasia (1901 - 1918) and Alexei (1904 - 1918)
But the legends of the Cedre Imperial did not die with them
as some of the children from the inner circle of the Romanovs escaped.

The Legends around the Cedre Imperial
return to France

children from the inner cercle of the Romanovs
1920s Dmitri Romanov (1891 - 1942)
the oldest of the inner cercle of the Romanov children
was in Iran when the revolution broke out.
He would come to Paris.

Coco Chanel et Dmitri Romanov
Dmitri Romanov showed Gabrielle Chanel (1883 - 1971)
all the fairytale places part of his childhood stories told in St Petersbourg,
Cremerie de Paris, les Pavillons Baltard
and the Cedre Imperial Meudon.
Chanel fell in Love and invited him
to stay in her house in Garches
also in the west of Paris, 10 km north of Meudon

What is left from their Love affiar
is N?5 and a little jewel that would
later help Cremerie de Paris to reopen.
(Phone Book of the World
editing this article was invented at Cremerie de Paris)

Victoria Melitta and Kirill Romanov
Boris Romanov (1877 - 1943) was lucky
He also survived the revolution.
Also as some of his fortune was in an US Bank account,
so after the revolution he had money enabling him
to buy a beautiful house in Meudon.
He called it "Chateau Sans Souci" located on route des Gardes.
(The chateau was demolished and replaced by a building)

Victoria Melitta and Kirill Romanov
From time to time his older brother Kiril Romanov (1876 - 1938)
and his wife Victoria Melitta (1876 - 1936)
that had settled in Saint Briac (Brittany / France) stayed with him.
Victoria Melitta, another grand-daughter of Queen Victoria
was also called Victoria Federovna
They were considered to be the heirs of the Throne of Russia

Victoria Melitta loved the Cedre Imperial
and visited him whenever she was in Meudon.

(Victoria Melitta is a great aunt of both Queen Elisabeth II (born 1926)
and her husband Philipp Mountbatten-Windsor (1921 - 2021).
She is also a cousin of Alix Romanov / Hessen, the last Tsarina of Russia (1872 - 1918)
and the great-grandmother of Rixa Oldenburg that will appear a little later in this article.
After a divorce f her first husband Ernst Ludwig Hessen (1868 - 1937)
married Eleonore Solms (1871 - 1937), great aunt of the editor of this article.

Coco Chanel
and the Cedre Imperial Meudon

logo Chanel
Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971)
became one of the admirers of the Cedre Imperial.

Cedre Imperial Meudon,
a symbol of WW2 Resistance
and a WW2 Secret Service Agent
Joe Kennedy Jr

1943 during occupation some "resistances"
briefly changed the signs of his street,
"Rue de la Republique"
to "Rue Charles de Gaulle".
Did you know that de Gaulles personal secretary also lived in Meudon ?

After the war
the Cedre imperial survives
the distruction of the garden of Villa les Cedres

coming soon

Cedre Imperial in Danger
Real Estate Promotion in Meudon

Coco Chanel et Dmitri Romanov
2021 february terrible news circulate around the city of Meudon
A real estate project wants to kill the tree.
Administrators of the city want to use the grounds to construct a municipal building.
The tree is declarded to be sick and dangerous.


Fans of the Cedre Imperial

Stephanie von Fuerstenberg was fascinated by the history of the Cedre Imperial.
As a Swiss artist she understands the energy the beautiful tree sends.
Her postcards edited by Reiter Kunstverlag can be found in all Swiss Post Offices.
In the honor of the Cedre Imperial Stephanie designed a jewellery collection
with the Munich jewellery house Kaddik Goldschmiede

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A post shared by Stephanie von F?rstenberg (@stephanievonfuerstenberg)

Queen Victoria, Rixa von Oldenburg, C?dre de MeudonRixa von Oldenburg, descedant of Cedre Imperial fans
Victoria Melitta Romanov and Queen Victoria
helped Phone Book of the World to learn more about
the history and the fairytales around the tree that have fascinated her family.
Rixa is great-grand daugter Grandduchess Victoria Melitta Romanov (part time Meudonnaise)
and the 3 x grand-daugter of Queen Victoria.
She is a niece of Queen Elisabeth II

Queen Victoria, Rixa von Oldenburg, C?dre de Meudon
2021 march Phone Book of the World
added the Cedre Imperial it's homepage

Thousands of children
paint the Cedre Imperial

2021 coming soon

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Denis Larghero, the major of Meudon
protects the Cedre Imperial

2021 coming soon

under construction

View from the Observatoire de Meudon

A hundred years later, 1971 august,
they were declared "dangerous"
so they could be demolished,
and Marcel Diebolt a corrupt Prefet de Paris
gave the permission to scrupolous real estate developpers
to build the much larger Forum des Halles.
The shopping complex that was so ugly it was demolished 2015
to be replaced by a new shopping center
now called Westin (Forum les Halles).

The General de Gaulle
must have known him
as the "Mysterios Meudonnais" was a symbol of French Resistance.

Coco Chanel went to see him
most of the times accompanied by her beautiful friend Aimee de Heeren,
not realising the beautiful young woman from Brazil
was a WW2 secret service agent who turned into an international resistante.

And Chi Chi, the still much loved President Jacques Chirac

A month earlier the editor of this website
saw his wife and his daughter sitting on a bank of the Quai Voltaire just above the Seine.
Next time he will stop his scooter and ask them.

The Imperial Cedar of Meudon also has this extraordinary shape
that in it's glamour and style
has something in common with the Pavillons Baltard.
French elegance admired all over the world.
But will the Imperial Cedar be able to resist Real Estate promotion ???

15 rue de la Republique11 rue de la Republique
The beautiful iron gate on the 15 rue de la Republique (ex rue Napoleon) side
was taken down in the 1960s
but a long part of the gate still exists on 11 rue de la Republique,
tight next the the magical tree.

There are some wonderful books about Meudon.
In case you should be in the Paris area
you might be able to see them at the Librairie Anagramme
160 rue de Paris 92190 Meudon.
Really beautiful the book by Jean Menard.

Carl Solms with great nephew
The youngest Carl (1903 - 2004) and Friederike (1905 - 1993)
a cousin and a cousine of the five children also survived.
Carl impressed Alexei because he was very good at sports.
Friederike and Anastasia copies each others hair style.

Half a century later they were
the baby sitters of the editor of this article
repeating the magical stories from France
to their great-nephew.

As a child (in the picture above) he had the chance to be around
a great-aunt and a great-uncle that had met Rasputine
and that were sometimes around
when the Tsarina (Alix Hessen)
told the children
Eug?nie's magical stories from France,

At the time he did not realise
who was Rasputine and he did not imagine
he would need one day to write an article
to try to help save a tree that was
a fairy tale for some children in Russia,
just like the home of Santa Claus
is a fairy tale for other children.

With the only exception
that the Imperial Cedar of Meudon
really exists

2003 Carl was the last of the interior cercle
of the Romanov children to leave this world,
only the Imperial Cedar is still there.

1min09 video walking through the streets of Meudon
You see the Imperial Cedar at min 0:31

The legends return to France
Influence of the Cedre Imperial

on Coco Chanel

Dmitri has had the chance to escape the Bolchevik masacre of his family
and stranded in Boulogne sur Seine.
Exept some jewels he had nothing left.
Nothing exept glamour ...
(one of the jewels, a lttle broach given to Chanel
would 70 years later help the editor of this article to reopen Cremerie de Paris
where the Phone Book of the World, publishing this article,
has been invented)

Dmitri was so good looking
Coco Chanel fell in love the moment she met him.
Their encounter which must have happened
1921 january 22 janvier
resulted in a next day order at the Rolls Royce company.
Gabrielle want to give her new friend a "little surprise"
so he would drive her
around the beautiful surroundings of Paris ....

One of their destinations was Meudon
not very far from Chanel and Dmitri's home
la Villa Bel Respiro 24 avenue Alphonse de Neuville in 92380 Garches
on the other side of the Parc de Saint Cloud

C?dre Imp?rial in MeudonC?dre Imp?rial in Meudon
Meudon, 11 rue de la R?publique is the home of a magical tree.
According to stories Dmitri Romanov has heard as a child
the tree had the power to transmit energy.
Dmitri Romanov connected her to Ernest Beaux
a perfumer from St Petersburg that escaped to Grasse.
It's also him that designed the first perfume bottle.
Maybe a bit of the energy from the tree
has helped Coco Chanel to make N?5 a success story.

Unfortunately their Love Affair did not last,
but they stayed friends
and all the long of her life Coco Chanel returned
to Meudon to see the Imperial Cedar.

1953 When Chanel wanted to relaunch her fashion house
she was already 70 years old.
Again she needed a lot of energy to be able
to restart everything.
The French Press ridiculed her
for beeing too old.

So Chanel was looking for thoses that
could giver her the energy she needed:
among them
the centuries old staircase of Cremerie de Paris
with a N?5 engraved into it's railings,
the magical C?dre Imp?rial of Meudon
and her wonderful friend Aim?e Sotto Mayor (1903 -2006)

Aim?e de Heeren
1938 Aim?e had been send from Brazil as a Secret Service agent.
With what she found out she turned into an international resistance fighter
keeping her country out of an alliance with the Axis powers
and trying to influence the Roosevelt administation in the US.

In the 1960s the two Ladys took the habit
to go the heights of Meudon
to visit the magical tree.

Aim?e de Heeren
The editor of this article is too young
to have known the famous designer
but at age 20 he had the change to run into
her friend Aim?e, now called Aim?e de Heeren.
Half a century seperate the two images.

When Aim?e was in Paris (she lived in several places)
she would asked her young friend,
later editor of the Phone Book of the World
"what do you think of driving with me to Meudon ?"
so that she could visit the cedar.

Aim?e de Heeren, Kennedy
Once Ted was in her company,
Ted Kennedy was the younger brother of JFK
and of Aim?e's former boyfriend Joseph Kennedy Jr.
All kinds of people that should have signed un "livre d'or"
which would now be able protect the tree.

None of its visitors would ever have imagined
the magical C?dre Imp?rial could
one day be threatened by a real estate project.

For a few a minutes Aim?es young friend
was not allowed to talk.
She but her arms around the trunk of the tree
as she had used to do with Chanel
so that she could meditate and get good energy from the Cedar.

For someone in his early 20s
this seamed a little bizarre
but when you get older and more mature you understand.

Anyways if Coco Chanel
would hear about the real estate projects
that circulate in Meudon
she would visit Denis Laghero
and tell him some of the magical energy of the tree
that have helped her to become a sucess story for France.

She would ask her friends Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)
and Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989) to represent the cedar in a painting,
her friend Igor Stravinsky (1882 - 1971) to compose a music in his honor.

Le Cedre de Meudon in the history Chanel by VB.com

Influence of the Cedre Imperial

on the Phone Book of the World

So far this article has mentioned the impact
of the tree on people from the past.

Getting older the tree
also had an impact of the Phone Book of ther World.
Remembering the stories
about how the tree has helped Coco Chanel
to get good energy
people form the team
of the Phone Book of the World
went to see the Cedar.

Phone Book of the World
Phone Book of the World.com
is a global Directory.
With the help of Google
all of the World's Telecom databases are interconnected
so you can find people around the globe.

The directory was invented
in an old Telecommunication Building VB
which had once been the home
of the Royal French Postal Services
for King Louis XIV.

The history of the place had fascinated Empress Eugenie
who saved it from beeing torn down by the Baron Haussmann.
Upon her request Haussmann had to change the axis
of the future Rue des Halles
so that the mansion could stay in place.

Just like the C?dre Imp?rial
the old Telecom Mansion
the former Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon (VB.com)
was part of sthe stories from France
Eug?nie told children
resulting for them to came to Russia.

1986 Cremerie de Paris reopened as a repair shop
for Sony Telephones.
A little jewel left by Coco Chanel helped to expand
resulting in the 1995 first Internet Cafe in France
where 1999 was invented the Phone Book of the World.

2021 March 5 rumors
of the Imperial Cedar to be cut down
for the construcion of a new building
came to the attention of the Phone Book of the World.
editor of this article.
The time has come to bring some souvenirs to paper.

C?dre Imp?rial ? Meudon

2021 March 11 the Imperial Ceder moves
right to the cover of the Phone Book of the World.

Influence of the Cedre Imperial

on the White Pages

This article mentioned the positive energy
coming form the Imperial Cedar.
Please let us share another story.

Have you ever used the "White Pages",
in French they are called "Pages Blanches"

The english expression "White Pages"
is an international standard
used throughout the world
to designate T?l?phone Directories listing Residential People.

White Pages are the counter part of the Yellow Pages
listing Businesses.

Phone Book of the World edits these directories
for many countries. 2004 Above mentioned Aim?e de Heeren,
the friend of Coco Chanel initiated the project.


2015 mai, one evening walking around the Imperial Cedar
the editor of the White Pages Project
run into a Lady walking her dog.
The Lady that has become a know artist on her own
is also related to Gustave Eiffel
the man who constructed the famous Tower in 1887 - 1889.

C?dre Imp?rial in MeudonC?dre Imp?rial in Meudon
The encounter resulted in a change of the
P"A"GES Logo
the Eiffel Tower replacing two letters.
The symbol of French technology
is now part of the White Pages of many countries.

The little man in the logo is also part of the history of France.
He is a Postmaster that used to ride to Paris from Brussels and Francfort
but this was back in th 1730s even before the times of the Imperial Cedar.

Visit the Cedar

C?dre Imp?rial ? Meudon

C?dre Imp?rial / Imperial Cedar
11 rue de la R?publique
92190 Meudon
Remarquable Trees around Paris (Ile de France)

height: 37 m
circumference: 4,81 m
wingspan: 22 m
tabular form: exceptional
age: around 220 years

life expectancy: opinions vary
most people: between 30 and 200 years
some real estate developers: none ... the tree "very very dangerous"
it must be cut down
so that some time later a building can sit on the former grounds of the tree

state of health: vigorous,
some care required like for all living creatures of a certain age.

the day a real danger of falling branches appears,
shrouding can be practised
so the tree does not need to be cut.

owner: the city of Meudon
Major Denis Larghero
value: priceless

The whitepages show
on their homepage
museums brands or symbols of the respective country

The Imperial Cedar of Meudon
is on the list for France

Geo Point: 48.81038 - 2.236599

public transport from Paris
RER C to Versailles Chateau - station Meudon Val Fleury

"Create your own link with this exceptional tree,
visit the Cedar when you come to France,
Meudon is in the west of Paris
half way between the heart of the city
and Versailles.

Touch the trunk ot the tree, meditate a little
hugh the cedar as Eug?nie and Victoria
have done 166 years ago
or a century later Coco Chanel ...

Touching the tree, admiring it
the cedar migh be able to transmit
good energy to you
as he has done so many times with our
Phone Book of the World .... "

Phone Book of the World

Before leaving Meudon
take some time to discover
the lovely cafes and restaurants of the city.

And when you leave the beautiful little town
you might realise

"Oups, that is a little unexpected

I now have a friend in common
with Napoleon, Josephine
Eugenie, Queen Victoria
Gustave Eiffel,
Anastasia Romanov or Coco Chanel"

as if you had been able
to bypass the barriers of time ....

The Cedre Imperial
needs help

The former garden around the Cedar
has been converted into a parking zone.
Almost all of the grounds around the tree have
been paved so that the tree does not get enough
natural rain water.

Video about the situation of the cedar in French

Hopefully Denis Larghero,
the young major of Meudon
will remove a few parking spots
and restore a bit of the former botanic garden
so that the tree gets more water.

Hopefully God will
protect the cedar
from real estate promotion
destroying culture and beauty.

Candls are burning for the tree
in Saint Martin, Notre Dame de l'Assomption
and other churches around the World.

Well taken care of Cedar Trees
become very very old.

Would it be nice that our 3 x great grandchildren
can still enjoy this magical tree
that is an icon of France
sending good energy to the World.

If you have any beautiful story
about the tree
to share
please publish it on the internet
or on Instagram:#cedreimperialmeudon

Get good energy
from France

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