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EU founder - local websites : .es or .com
Area : 504,782 km2 (194,897 miles2)
Population : 39,210,000 people
Land boundaries : 1 917.8 km
Andorra - 63.7 km
France - 623 km
Gibraltar - 1.2 km
Portugal - 1 214 km
Morocco - 15.9 km
Coastline: 4 964 km
Country Code +34

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Numbering Plan of Spain
national long distance
national prefix: no prefix
area code: 91 or 9--
number: --- --- (always 9 digits)
numbers start with 6
-- (2digits) operator code
--- --- (6digits)

in the Spanish phone system
every Provincia has it's own are code
the digit 9 got added to all Spanish landlines
the 6 to all Spanish mobils
international Calls
International Prefix 00
(no longer 07)

useful numbers
information 1003
Emergency 112
Police 091

Spain's phonesystem
is regulated by CMT

calling to Spain
from USA 011 34
from Europe 00 34
+34 --- ------ (9 digits after country code)

Reino de Espana
Republic of Spain

Capital: Madrid
el Rey de Espana
King of Spain
Palacio Real
Government of Spain
La Moncloa, Government of Spain
La Moncloa, Government of Spain
head of the Government

languages Spanish

GNP $720.8 billion
GNP/person $18,000

currency Euro
1 Euro = 166.386 ESP
1Peseta was 100 Centavos
Central Bank of Spain / Banco de Espana

Mulhacen, highest Mountain of Spain
Mulhacen, highest Mountain of Spain
Mluhacan 3,478 m

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Hotel Ritz - Madrid
Maria Cristina- San Sebastian
Hotel Alfonso III - Seville
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Spain is the home of Omada
Omada organised the
Lav'Omada Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris,
home of the Phone Book of the World.