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Numbering Plan of Austria
national long distance
national prefix: 0
area code: I or --- or ----
number: --- or ---- or -----
or --- --- or --- ---- or ---- ----
(variable 4 to I2 digits)

International calls
international prefix: 00
calling from Austria
to France
+33 1 4221 1111  Phonebook of the World
+33 1 4221 1111 Phonebook of the World
00 33 1 4221 1111
11 - 15 rue des Halles

usefull numbers
operator 11816

Information Service
Inlands Auskunft 118200
(for Austria and Germany)

Auslands Auskunft 118202
(for the 'rest of the world')

calling from abroad to Austria
+43 ---- or ----- or ----- or ------
or ------- or -------- or ---------
or ---------- or -----------
or ------------ ( 4 to 12 digits
after the country code)
Republik ?sterreich
of Austria

flag of Austria
independent since 1156 from Bavaria

Capital: Vienna

head of State President
mostly representatif
with veto right

head of the government



currency: Euro before Schilling
1 Euro = 13.7603 ATS (Schilling)
1 Schilling = 100 Groschen

Central Bank of Austria / OENB

national holiday
National Day, 26 Oct (1955)

Grossglockner 3,797m
no coasts
longest river Donau
largest lake Bodensee

neigbour countries

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EU since1995 -  local websites .at or .co.at or .com
83,855 km? (32,377 miles?) - 8,053,000 people

Land boundaries: 2,562 km
Czech Republic 362 km, Germany 784 km, Hungary 366 km,
Italy 430 km, Liechtenstein 35 km,
Slovakia 91 km, Slovenia 330 km, Switzerland 164 km
Coastline: 0 km
Area Code +43

the system of Austrian phonenumbers is like the German,

numbers have a different lenth, older numbers are shorter,
new numbers are longer
the phone system divided the country
according to the borders of the Bundesl?nder

1 for Vienna,
for Nieder?sterreich and Burgenland, 3 for Steiermark
4 for K?rnten, 5 for Vorarlberg and Tirol, 6 for Salzburg
7 for Ober?sterreich

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