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Webcam showing the Engadin
On the left side the beautiful Chapel Regina Pacis, outside St Moritz
The chapel was a presient from Emilia Dodd Tiefenbacher (1893 - 1975).
If ever you have the chance to go to St Moritz,visit the chapel,
it has something magical
and you will find Emilia's name on the first bank.
The chapel creates a little link between Switzerland and the Phone Book of the World
as Emilia was the grandmother of it's editor.

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Numbering Plan of Switzerland
local and national: numbers start with 0
are code - or -- or ----
number -- -- -- -- or -----
(numbers have 4 to I2 digits)

number -- -- -- --

dial 00 - country code
calling from Switzerland
to France

Cremerie de Paris,
Pop Up Store hotspot
and home of the
Phonebook of the World
+33 1 422I 1111 Phonebook of the World
00 33 1 4221 1111
11 - 15 rue des Halles


Police 117
Feu 118

calling into Switzerland
+41 ---- up to ---- ---- ----
Eidgenossenschaft Conf?d?ration
Confed Svizzera

divided into 24 Cantons

Federation started Aug 1st 1291
Declaration of
Independance 1648
Declaration of
Neutrality 1815

capital: Bern

Government of Switzerland
Bundeshaus, Government of Switzerland

Bundeshaus, Government of Switzerland
federal Chanceler

languages German French Italian
and Romanche

GNP $207 billion
GNP/year $28,600
home to 4 out of the 100
home to 11 out of the 500
largest companies of the World

access to 5 neigbour countries
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Phone Book of Germany.com
Phone Book of Austria.com
Phone Book of Liechtenstein.com
Phone Book of Italy.com


EU EU founder - local websites : .ch or .com
Area : 41,293 km2 (15,943 miles2)
Population : 8,570,000 people
Land boundaries : 1,852 km
Austria - 164 km
France - 573 km
Italy - 740 km
Liechtenstein - 41 km
Germany - 334 km
Coastline: 0 km
Country Code +41

Phonebook of Europe.com

Beaurivage Palace - Lausanne
Palace Hotel St Moritz
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Switzerland is the home ot Swiss Cheese
Swiss Cheese organised the
Swiss Cheese Lab Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris,
home of the Phone Book of the World.

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