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Whitepages.ca is a directory edited from Seattle, USA

The directory is part of Whitepages inc (until 2005 W3 Data).

Unlike the Canadian Yellowpages
or Whitepages.com.au in Australia
Whitepages.ca did not grow out of a printed directory
and does not go back
to the major national phonecompany.

The domain name was registered October 21 2000,
the moment it became possible to register imaginary domain names.
The initial registrant was Anna Algard,
a young Swedish immigrant
and today a famous interior designer from Vancouver.
Mrs Algard is the siter of Alex Algard,
who in 1997 had founded the US Whitepages, Whitepages.com

2002 Launch of Whitepages.ca edited by Whitepages.com.
Whitepages.ca  from 2002

The expressions White Pages and Yellow Pages
go back to the late 1880s,
just a few years after Alexander Bell had invented the phone (1876),
Thomas Edison the electric light bulb (1879)
and while Gustave Eiffel was working on his Eiffel Tower (1887-1889).

The expression White Pages is the International standard
for Residential Telephone Directories.
used in over 120 countries all around the World.

There is no spectecular Whitepages.ca TV Commercial,
but this is Alexander Algard the company founder ...
going for the Ice Buket Challenge.

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