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City Population 233,000
Metro Population 523,000
Country: Canada

Telecom Zone: North America (+1)
+1 519
+1 226
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Telecom since 1671
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GPS Kitchener
Lat: 43° 27' 0" N

Long: 80° 29' 0'' W

Dec: 43.45°,

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Kitchener is the 21th largest city of Canada,
and the xxth largest city of North America.

It is the seat of the Waterloo Regional Municipality.
The city is located in the Saint Lauwrence Lowland
in the South western part of Ontario.

Kitchener is divided into x districts.

Kitchener was founded in 1833.
1912 Kitchener was incorporated as a city.
Initially the city was called Berlin.

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