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City Population 1,138,000
Metro Population 1,371,000
Country: Canada

Telecom Zone: North America (+1)
+1 905
+1 289
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Cremerie de Paris
Telecom since 1671
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GPS Hamilton
Lat: 43° 15 '19" B

Long: 72° 52' 23'' W

Dec: 43.255278°,

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Hamilton is the 8th largest city of Canada,
and the xxth largest city of North America.

It is a city in the Province of Ontario
70 km south west of Toronto

Hamilton is divided into x districts.

The name Hamilton comes from the "George Hamilton".
Hamilton was founded in around 1812.
1846 Hamilton was incorporated as a city.
2001 Jan 1 the new city of Hamilton was formed
annexation of the subburbing smaller towns.

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