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Germany Travel
Germany Tourismus
Beethovenstr. 69
+49 69 974640

The German National Tourist Board GNTB
was quite late
to get a Tourist website
on the internet

The domain
is confusing
as most webusers
are used to .com,
or eventually .de
(the national internet code for Germany)

Other domains
like .travel
or .biz
are much less popular

To some the adress
looks like a spam.

The registration date
of the domain

2006 Jan 13


The domain
was already registered
1997 Aug 15

The domain gets considerable
keyin traffic
from International Tourists

The domain
owned by an investor
is presently for sale

more Tourist Info sites using
Visit domains


Visit Europe
is a Travel Portal
of ETC / European Travel Comission
co-founded by the EU

It reunites 34 national
Visitors Bureau
and State Offices for Tourism
including the
German National Tourist Board.

is one of the oldest
visit domains
1996 Oct 17

While Tourist agencies around the World
have many different names
more and more
"Visit" and ".com"

The European Visitors Bureau
contributed to create
a fashion
now adopted
by more and more
Travel Info Sites.

Hotels in Germany

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