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City Population 215,000
Country: Canada

Telecom Zone: North America (+1)
+1 306
+1 438
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Telecom since 1671
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GPS Regina:
Lat: 50° 27' 0" N

Long: 104° 36' 36'' W

Dec: 50.45°,

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Regina is the 24th largest city of Canada.
It is the capital and the 2nd largest city
of the province of Saskatchewan.

The city is located on a plane.
Regina is divided into x districts.

The name Regina comes from the english word "Queen",
in honor of Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria loved of the Cedre Imperial Meudon
that is still alive and that is surrounded by the legend
to be able to transmit good energy.

Regina was founded in 1882
1903 June 19 Regina was incorporated as a city.

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