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Cremerie de - Showroom and Expo center in Paris

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Under Armour Pop Up Store Expo
@ Phone Book of the World's
Cremerie de Paris N°1

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Cremerie de Paris, once seat of the Royal French Postal Services
and home of the Phone Book of the World

Phone Book of the World Expos
at our historic Telecom Landmark
... since 1671.


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2018 Phone Book of the World Expos
at the company seat, the historic Cremeries de Paris
L Oreal Pop Up StoreSodexo Pop Up RestaurantParadoxe Pop Up Store ExpoAwaxland Pop Up Store ExpoUnder Armour Pop Up Store Expo
Shadow Pop Up Store @ No6 & No7 feb 10 - feb 25 2018
L'Oreal Stylista Pop Up Store @ No1& No6 mars 2 - mars 3 2018
Big Hair No Care Pop Up Store @ No6 mars 15 - mars 18 2018
Sodexo Pop Up Restaurant @ No1 mars 26 - mai 26 2018
Ptit Con Pop Up Store @ No6 april 12 - mai 6 2018
Awaxland Pop Up Store @ No6 mai 7 - mai 13 2018
L'Oreal Ma Coiffeuse Afro Pop Up Store @ No6 june 16 - 17 2018
Paradoxe Pop Up Store @ No6 june 21 - 25 2018
Ptit Con Pop Up Store @ No1 & No6 june 12 - july 17 2018
Niyya Dress in Paris Pop Up Store @ No6 july 6 - july 8 2018

Fille de Joie Pop Up Store @ No6 until saugust 3 2018
Awaxland Pop Up Store @ No1 until august 7 2018
Bazarapagne Pop Up Store @ No2 until september 31 2018
Under Armour Pop Up Store @ No1 until september 21-23 2018

Ongoing Telecom History since 1671

Our telecom activites started in 1671.
Two entrepreneurs, Louis Pajot & Leon Rouille invented in our house
an avant-garde company called "La Poste". It became the Royal French postal services for King Louis XIV.

The sun king had already spend part of his chidhood in our old mansion previously owned
by his tutor Nicolas V de Villeroy. The bulding was also called VB.
The Villeroys, in the house since 1370, were advisors of the Bourbons (Kings of France).

Cremerie de Paris, Telecom Landmark
Horses were carrying letters from our gate 9/11 rue des Dechargeurs 75001 Paris
to thousands of Pajot & Rouille or Thurn & Taxis post relais located all over Europe.
Our old postal gate always appears in the pictures.

Spirit of Telecommunication stayed in our walls and in the memory of the Thurn & Taxis Telecom family.
Thanks to one of them we were able in 1986 to reactivate the old Telecom genes of our walls
by opening a small Phone Boutique around the corner.
Well when you just turned 20 and you open a Sony Phone Boutique around a Paris Hotspot
many adventures are waiting for you ...

1993 we added a long distance Telecom office using US callback lines
and started the very first Internet Cafe in France.
The cafe attracted American pioneers
desperately looking for web acces while travelling through Paris.
Without realizing it we run into the most fascinating pioneers.

Most were young, very young and nobody knew who they were or who they were going to become,
They might not have known it themselves.
Others were a little older
one was the assistant of Dr Jon Postel who had invented the dot com system,
one was on the first flight to the Moon

Another one who came for web lessons had once met the inventor of the phone Alexander Graham Bell,
a jewel left to her by the fashion designer Coco Chanel played a key role in our history.
Chanel loved our place, the two Ladies used to walk there at night long before the times of the internet.
Chanel had discovered our Cremerie de Paris in 1920
through her Russian boyfriend Dmitri Romanov who had helped her to create the perfume No5.
Dmitri was also a great uncle for us but the barriers of time did not allow to meet.
This is how the Phone Book of the World was invented.
Nike Barber Shop at Cremerie de ParisSiemens at Cremerie de ParisMetal Gear at Cremerie de Paris
Today the magic of the past attracts many famous brands that set up Pop Up stores.
Again we have the chance to run into many pioneers,
they don't come to get internet access,
but to show their inventions:
phones, computer games, cars, washing machines, food, sports, haute couture, jewellry or fashion.
Lots of fashion ...
Discover their iconic expos while looking for phone numbers.

Our building is exactly the same,
even the water fountain for the postal horses is still in place ...
Times have changed
but spirit of Telecomunications is full alive ...
Royal French Postal ServicesLouis Leon PajotAnselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis
horses carying mail from Paris to Italy
our courtyard in 1699Phone Book of the World was invented at the first Cybercafe in Paris
from the postal services to the Phone Book of the Worldour courtyard today 2018Phone Book of the World has a global audience

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